New Insights into the Luxury Goods Industry

Conditions have never been more challenging for luxury brands, according to Fflur Roberts, Head of Luxury Goods at Euromonitor International.

“Headline growth remains disappointing, and the markets overall face mounting risks — it's clear nothing is written in stone,” Roberts explained in a recent video highlighting the latest market research on the global luxury goods industry.

Uncertainty reigns in the US, the UK, and France. Hong Kong’s slowdown continues to reverberate throughout Chinese markets, while on-going political issues in the Middle East dampen sales of luxury goods.

Despite these headwinds, sales grew about 3% in 2016 to reach $380 billion US dollars.



“While 2017 will not be a stellar year overall for the industry, we will see some tailwinds with markets such as India, in particular, and Mexico showing much stronger sales and in much stronger positions,” she noted.

In the coming year, marketers will make a massive push towards luxury branding and luxury experiences through both restaurants and hotels. The rise of the digital consumer and the millennial generation will also help drive up sales.

But the biggest story of 2017 may be China’s increasing luxury sales. Analysts are closely watching a power shift from the West to the East.

“Our latest data shows that China will actually move to number one — it’s currently placed at number two in the world — overtaking the US to become the world’s biggest luxury market,” Roberts said.

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