CBD: A Hot New Trend in Pet Wellness

CBD market researchCannabis and cannabis-derived products are smoking hot topics in the U.S., where several states have loosened previously stringent regulations regarding the possession and use of medicinal and/or recreational marijuana.

As a result, cannabidiol (CBD) – a compound found in hemp plant oil, purported to offer myriad health benefits like anxiety relief, nausea control, cancer prevention, and inflammation reduction – is more popular than ever before. 

The benefits of CBD aren't limited to human consumers. According to Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp: Pet Market Opportunities, a recent white paper from MarketResearch.com's Packaged Facts division, use of CBD in pet supplements and treats is on the upswing, spurred by concerned owners seeking to relieve anxiety and stress  in their pets.

Relaxed Hemp Laws Benefit the CBD Market

Considering CBD's adjacent relationship to more controversial marijuana, it might seem like CBD-based products would be limited in scope and difficult to find for pet owners and human users alike. However, the most recent Farm Bill cleared the path toward more widespread manufacture and consumption, classifying hemp and hemp-derived CBD as separate from marijuana-based compounds that contain higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC). 

Consequently, hemp-derived products now fall under the oversight of the Department of Agriculture as a crop, rather than a controlled substance monitored by the Justice Department. Though the web of governmental and trade regulations regarding CBD, hemp, and cannabis remains complex, this new classification marks a significant step toward an environment in which legal manufacture of CBD consumables can become more widespread, evolving beyond the sole province of smaller specialty producers.

Demand for Stress Relief Spurs CBD Growth in Pet Supplements Market

CBD pet products are likely to be of particular interest to urban pet owners, who often dwell in space-restricted apartments/other multi-family residences, where cramped living conditions, frequent noise, pollution, and weekday isolation can trigger nervous behaviors in their animal companions.

With anxiety-reducing products including foods, medications, and non-food items like specialty chew toys and weighted coats more popular than ever, CBD is especially intriguing to consumers looking for alternative or perceived holistic treatments for pet stress.

But is it safe? The murky rules surrounding CBD dosage, product sourcing, and overall safety have led to concerns. Though CBD usage in pets has not been explicitly endorsed by the American Veterinary Association, the organization appears to be cautiously optimistic about its prospects, citing studies highlighting CBD's therapeutic benefts and encouraging further research, as well as pursuit of FDA approval.

The Future of CBD Pet Products is Bright

Whatever lingering questions surround CBD, one thing is clear: it's here to stay, at least for now. CBD products featured prominently at the Global Pet Expo in March, and many industry experts believe that 2019 will be the year that CBD pet supplements and treats transition from a primarily Internet-based product category to a growth area for brick-and-mortar retailers.

To Learn More About the Pet Market & CBD

Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp: Pet Market OpportunitiesLooking for more information about the burgeoning market for pet products that incorporate CBD? Download Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp: Pet Market Opportunities, a free white paper from Packaged Facts that features survey data regarding cannabis/marijuana/hemp legalization attitudes among pet owners and the U.S. population overall.

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