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The Increasing Demand for Home & Garden Pesticides

Posted by Sarah Schmidt

Feb 21, 2017 8:45:00 AM

The ongoing battle against weeds and pests creates a large, growing market. The demand for home and garden pesticides in the U.S. is forecast to rise 3.1 percent per year to $2.4 billion in 2020, according to the Freedonia Group.

An increase in new housing — coupled with rising consumer spending in lawn care and gardening will boost the overall market. 

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Topics: House & Home, Industry Insights

The Air Purifier Market in 2017 and Beyond

Posted by Sarah Schmidt

Feb 6, 2017 8:45:00 AM

As incomes rise in various regions around the world — including China and India more consumers are buying air purifiers to decrease the amount of contaminants, odors, and airborne allergens in household air.

The global demand for consumer air treatment systems will grow at a double-digit annual pace to more than $10 billion in 2019, acording to an industry study by the Freedonia Group, a leading international business research company and a division of MarketResearch.com.

Learn more forecasts and facts about the worldwide air purifier market below.

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Topics: House & Home, Industry Insights

3 Factors Shaping the Global Market for Juvenile Products

Posted by Sarah Schmidt

Jan 30, 2017 8:45:00 AM

The market for strollers and prams, car seats, cribs and cots, baby carriers, and nursery furniture is likely to experience continued growth in the next five years due to several key factors, including increasing income levels, growing e-commerce, and stable fertility rates, according to Azoth Analytics, a market research and analysis company.

Drawing on industry data and primary research with regional heads and retail managers, Azoth Analytics cites three notable developments and trends in the executive summary of its report on the market for juvenile products. 

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Topics: House & Home, Industry Insights

Shaw Acquisition Highlights Rising Demand for WPC Flooring

Posted by Matt Zielenski

Oct 25, 2016 8:30:00 AM

The recent announcement from Shaw Industries that it intends to acquire USFloors demonstrates the increasing demand for wood-plastic composite (WPC) flooring in the US.

WPC flooring — which consists of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) with a WPC core that serves as a backing — was introduced to the US by USFloors in 2013. This flooring’s attractive appearance and durability caused it to quickly gain acceptance among interior designers and homeowners. Seeking to capitalize on its popularity, several other hard surface flooring manufacturers developed their own lines of WPC flooring. 

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Topics: Materials & Chemicals, House & Home, Manufacturing & Construction, Industry Insights, Heavy Industry, The Freedonia Group

Material Trends in North American Remodeling Activity Begin to Favor Niche Products

Posted by Daniel Meges

Oct 18, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Homeowners are remodeling again. They are on the lookout for products that compete with traditional high-end materials but come with a mid-range price tag. The underlying strength of the US housing market and the rising valuations of people’s homes are supporting robust activity in residential improvement, repair and remodeling.

This fact is underscored by the recent earnings of several big-box/DIY retail chains like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Home Depot reported in August that comparable (same store) sales rose by 4.7% in Q2 2016 over the same period in 2015 [1], and Lowe’s reported a similar 4.0% rise for its Q2 same store sales over 2015 [2]. Both stores expect full-year same store sales growth for 2016 to range between 4.4% and 4.9% as compared to the latest US Federal Reserve estimate of 2016 growth of approximately 2.0% [3]. Home Depot’s CEO, Craig Menear, specifically called out generally rising home valuations as the basis for his company’s optimism going forward regarding sales growth and overall residential renovation spending.

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Topics: Materials & Chemicals, House & Home, Manufacturing & Construction, Industry Insights, Heavy Industry, The Freedonia Group

A Wake-Up Call for the Mattress Industry?

Posted by Steven Richmond

Oct 12, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Tempur-Sealy International, a leading manufacturer of sleep products such as mattresses and foundations, received a rather rude wake-up call September 28. Tempur-Sealy’s shares (NYSE:TPX) fell over 20% that morning after the company announced that it expected full year sales to decline between 1% and 3% from 2015 levels. While Tempur-Sealy cited lower-than-expected third quarter sales for the revision, the company did not provide an explanation for that decline.

Competing manufacturer Select Comfort Corporation’s stock price (NASDAQ:SCSS) also fell on the news, suggesting that investors are concerned about the outlook of the broader industry.

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Topics: House & Home, Manufacturing & Construction, Industry Insights, Heavy Industry, The Freedonia Group

Challenges to Copyright Law Hold Promise for US Electronics Repair Industry

Posted by Steven Richmond

Sep 28, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Many participants in the US repair services industry, particularly small independent repair shops, have faced mounting challenges over the last decade. During this period, one key trend has been manufacturers’ increasing control over the repair of their products. Recent events, however, have given pause to this trend and even promise to reverse it.

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Topics: House & Home, Consumer Electronics, Industry Insights, The Freedonia Group

Demographic Shifts to Drive US Growth in Small Kitchen and Floor Care Appliances

Posted by Steven Richmond

Sep 12, 2016 8:30:00 AM

For decades, the tastes and preferences of the largest generational cohort — the baby boomers — have been an important factor shaping key trends in the US small appliances market. This group, noted also for its affluence, is now joined by another even larger generational group: the millennials.

Read on to discover how these two generational behemoths are expected to shape the US market for small electrical appliances over the next few years.
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Topics: House & Home, Demographics, Consumer Electronics, Industry Insights, The Freedonia Group

Opportunities and Challenges in the Smart Appliances Market

Posted by Sarah Schmidt

Sep 9, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Smart appliances connect to smartphones and tablets to enable alerts and remote control. For example, if you’d like to start the dishwasher or adjust your thermostat while you are at work, smart appliances will give you that ability.

Smart appliances offer many potential benefits to consumers, but will they gain traction in the market? For up-to-date industry analysis, check out the blog post below.

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Topics: House & Home, Industry Insights

Innovation Stirs Up Change for US Household Cooking Appliances

Posted by Zach Frye

Aug 23, 2016 8:30:00 AM

It is said that sooner or later, all that is old is new again. When it comes to household cooking appliances, all that is old needs to be replaced again — eventually.

The need for replacement is the fundamental driver of demand for US household cooking appliances, which include gas cooking appliances, electric cooking appliances, and microwave ovens. Consumers often buy a new model upon moving into a new home, or when an old appliance becomes nonfunctional or outdated. Of course, purchase decisions are influenced by key trends.

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Topics: House & Home, Industry Insights, The Freedonia Group

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