Top 4 Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Trends in 2024

Top interior design experts have revealed the biggest kitchen and bathroom trends in 2024 in a recent report by This year, trends veer toward finding a balance between practicality and comfort. Here are four of the most sought-after design trends, according to top professionals in the industry.

1. Storage as a Kitchen Priority

1 - Storage - Survey Data on Kitchen Priorities

Recently, the kitchen has evolved to become more than just a cooking space. That’s why there are an array of aspects in the kitchen that homeowners prioritize. However, a massive majority of 83% of design experts say homeowners want storage above anything else in 2024.

Functionality is key in a kitchen, and storage means having a place for everything, reducing clutter, and freeing up countertop space. You may have an island where kids do homework or friends gather for drinks. Whatever the situation, you want a kitchen that’s tidy and works for you. In a world where we rely more on gadgets, such as air fryers and coffee machines, free worktop space is important, making storage more of a priority than ever before.

2. Natural Materials

Wood boasts versatility, allowing it to seamlessly blend into any kitchen aesthetic, thanks to its adaptable color and style. Approximately 73% of design pros report that wood is set to be the most popular material this year. Additionally, 67% of professionals believe that natural finishes that bring out the authentic look of wood will be in demand.

There's a notable trend toward incorporating natural elements into kitchens, bathrooms, and homes in general. Another 56% of experts say natural materials are the most popular material trend for bathrooms too. This shift represents a desire for a calming feel to home style, allowing the tranquility of nature to dictate design.

3. Mixing Materials in the Kitchen

2 - Biggest Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

Another top trend we are likely to see this year is the freedom to be more creative with interior design. All-white kitchens have fallen out of favor and are instead being replaced with more creative, eye-catching designs. 62% of experts in’s report say that mixing materials is set to be the biggest kitchen trend in 2024. Blending materials in your kitchen design can result in either a striking or subtle effect, depending on your taste. This could mean selecting a distinct material for the primary countertop as opposed to the island or integrating metallic fixtures onto wooden cabinets. Moreover, it can have practical benefits, making cleaning and maintenance easier.

4. Creating a Spa-Like Feel in the Bathroom

3- Survey Data on What People Want in a Bathroom

Anything that can create a spa-like sanctuary in bathrooms is set to be popular this year, according to 86% of experts. Since the pandemic, spa industries are growing, and a combination of self-care, health, and mindfulness are more of a priority.

To achieve the spa look and feel in homes, people are incorporating other dominant trends such as natural materials. Stone, marble, and wood work well in allowing nature’s soothing feel to overcome the space. Other aspects such as plants, rain showerheads, and clutter-free storage solutions can all contribute to achieving the desired aesthetic and atmosphere. While functionality remains a key priority according to 59% of pros, the bathroom has taken on more responsibility than just an area to wash and get ready. Homeowners are also treating it as an escape, and design trends in 2024 are reflecting that.

About the author: Adam Graham is a Construction Industry Analyst at, an online resource for helping you make the best home remodeling decisions.

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