Weekly Wrap-Up: March 22, 2019

weekly wrap-up 3/22/19Check out the latest insights and analysis from Packaged Facts and Simba Information.  This week, analysts explored how online and e-grocers are shaping the U.S. beverage market, how STEM is changing math education, how Profound can be leveraged in higher education, and more.

The Expanding Role of Online and e-Grocers in the U.S. Beverage Market

U.S. Beverage Market Outlook 2019, a new report from Packaged Facts, identifies three factors that have created a perfect environment for growth of the online grocery market in the U.S. since 2013.

Math Instruction Broadening to STEM Education

Some mathematics educators are broadening the instruction they give students, integrating science, technology and engineering concepts in order to better prepare students for future schooling and careers.

Threats to Copyright Protections Seen As “Existential”

At the Association of American Publishers' annual Professional and Scholarly Publishing conference, issues of copyright protection - and the many ways it is perceived to be under threat - were a recurring theme.

How Profound Works in a University Setting

Profound is a premier business intelligence solution with more than one million market research reports from hundreds of global publishers. Find out why the platform is a helpful tool not only for well-knonwn consulting firms and banks, but for students who need access to market research. 

Global Disposable Plastics Reduction Initiatives [Infographic]

Disposable plastic products have come under public fire in recent years as evidence of the environmental damage they can cause piles up, and legislatures worldwide are taking note. 

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