Weekly Wrap-Up: January 12, 2018

market research blogs.pngCatch up on all the latest market research blogs with our weekly wrap-up. Read up-to-date industry analysis on RFID technology, medical devices, educational publishing, life insurance, and more.

In addition, be sure to download our new white paper on Africa's Future Consumers to learn about the powerful waves of disruption affecting the African economy over the coming decade.

Did 2017 Mark a Tipping Point for RFID Adoption by Retailers?

Cheap barcode labels are a mainstay of retail inventory tracking. However, some retailers are betting on RFID tags as the next big thing.

$185 Billion-Dollar U.S. Medical Device Industry Reckons with Return of Tax

This year, device makers who manufacture and sell into the U.S. face the return of a 2.3% excise tax. Kalorama Information examines the effects of this tax in a new blog post.

Data and Technology Lead to Change in Executive Suites

As traditional publishers move from a legacy system to a digital base, broad turnover among employees has become widespread, and executives are no exception. 

Colorful Trends in Pigment Prices

Rising global demand paired with shrinking supply drove volatility in pigment prices over the decade to 2016.

As Market Shrinks, Printing Machinery Suppliers See Opportunity in Digital

Digital printing presses are bucking the larger industry decline in printing machinery demand thanks to their greater flexibility and customization.

Lively Insights into the US Life Insurance Industry

The bulk of US households purchase life insurance, but revenues are constrained by slow population growth.

Cord Blood Banking Market: Opportunities & Threats Impacting the Global Market

Within the cord blood industry, there was a robust growth period during the mid-to-late 2000s. However, over the past several years, the market has matured and consolidated. 

6 Key Factors to Know About the African Market

In the next 15 years, the number of young consumers in Africa will explode — Africa will gain nearly 100 million in a single decade. Find out what this means for brands.

Trendtype White Paper: Africa’s Future Consumers

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