Weekly Wrap-Up: February 2, 2018


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Severe Flu Season Provides an Opportunity for Molecular POC

Big biotech firms are working to create better solutions for diagnosing infections by the influenza virus. Learn more on the Kalorama blog.

Four Key Products Driving the Expansion of the Outdoor Living Market

Looking to bring indoor luxuries into their backyards, US consumers are snapping up these four in-demand outdoor living products.

Three Reasons Your Food Packaging Matters

Takeout — more popular than ever — can also mean lots of trash. Here are three reasons eco-conscious consumers might want to look twice at their dinner order — or more specifically, the single-use products with which it’s packaged.

New Opportunities for Science Resource Providers

Educators are increasingly interested in acquiring new resources as schools adopt the Next Generation Science Standards and widen science instruction to STEM.

5 Important Trends in the Diagnostic Imaging Market

Learn how medical imaging technology is changing, and read about the latest trends in the diagnostic imaging market on our blog.

The Growing Prevalence of Sports Analytics in 2018

Sports analytics change everything related to professional athletics: recruiting, play, coaching, and marketing.

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