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Nowadays, technology makes life easier for us. We are surrounded by so many “smart” devices that do many of our daily tasks for us. There’s an abundance of this newer technology from smart wearables, to smart homes and smart grids. As technology advances it will only become more ingrained into all aspects of our lives. A study last year by IBM predicted the upcoming five smart technology trends for the next five years will include smarter classrooms, stores, medicine, privacy and protection, and cities. The evolution of technology isn’t stopping anytime soon.

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Recent Trends in the Social Games Industry

Social games are one of the fastest growing segments of the online gaming industry. According to the industry body, Entertainment Software Association, social games increased in popularity by over 50% last year. Together with casual games, social games account for the largest share of online games played most often, with their share being even higher among the games frequently played on mobile. Social games are popular not only among the tech-savvy youth, but also adults. The International Social Games Association reports that the average age of a social game player is as much as 40 years. Overall, close to half of gamers engage in social games.

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Social & Mobile Games Spur Growth of Online Gaming Market

One element contributing to the global spread of Internet connectivity and usage is the growth of online gaming. Mobile games, in particular, are the fastest growing segment of the gaming market as smartphone and tablet owners are using their devices for game-playing on the Internet, increasingly more than desktops and consoles. Gaming through social networks is also taking up an increasing share of the total video gaming market. Both segments are expected to increase by around +20% annually, leading the growth in the overall online gaming market.

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How Market Research Predicts Cloud Computing Can Reach Untapped Potential

Over the last dozen or so years, the Cloud Computing (CC) industry has made monumental strides, and there seems to be no shortage of opinions and analysis around the CC solution having huge potential across many applications. In fact, several analysts expect the market to eventually reach hundreds of billions of dollars from an estimated $35.6 billion in 2013. However, market size does not appear to be the question. The pressing issues for the CC industry lie in its security, business adoption/transformation and infrastructure, which will have a significant impact on when that market potential can be realized.

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Market Research Forecasts Wearable Technology to Transform Industry and Lifestyles

Wearable devices represent technology that humans can wear on-the-go. According to market intelligence, these devices will ultimately replace most of today's traditional gadgets that are used on a daily basis. Just as today’s devices are wholly unrecognizable to someone from twenty years ago, wearable technology and other advances will make today's gadgets seem obsolete only in about ten years.

Wearables are a pioneering approach to integrating smarter and more practical gadgets into daily life. Initially focused on communications, applications, content and commerce, wearables will ultimately be involved in many other aspects of life and transform the lifestyles we once knew.  Routine tasks will be transformed as activities become more efficient, entertaining and controllable.

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How to Conduct Market Research When There Is No Existing Market

A lot of market research material will jump straight to the usual topics: competitors, customer segments, cost, and so on. However, for many modern entrepreneurs, their exact market simply doesn't exist. Like the DVR, mp3 player, and tablet, some markets are invented to disrupt older, existing ones. It can be tempting to move forward without doing comprehensive market research: after all, what is there to research if the product is entirely new?

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Who Is the "iPad Generation?"

Introduced in April 2010, the iPad quickly zoomed to the top of the global electronics consumer market, and instantly earned millions of zealous users in America. Even the most jaded tech aficionados were mesmerized by the sleek, 1.5 pound, keyboard-free device. Thousands of Americans stampeded to Apple Stores coast to coast to purchase the iPad; more than 300,000 units were sold in the first few days of release.

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U.S.- Mexico Remittances: Can Mobile Apps Drive Growth? |

President Obama signaled a newly collaborative spirit during his recent visit to Mexico, and emphasized strong focus on the Administration's agendas for immigration reform and the Drug War.

Economics are subtexts to both immigration reform and to the two nations' shared stake in ending the sales of and violence around illegal drugs. In the cities and towns of the U.S., far from the pomp of State visits, many Mexican-American immigrants also are likely to be especially concerned about another aspect of U.S. - Mexico relations that directly affects their lives:

The challenges they face in making Internet-based payments from the U.S. -- known as remittances -- to business partners, family-members or friends in Mexico.

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