The Future of Billion-Dollar Startup Unicorns

unicorn_startup.jpgThe proliferation of startups that have achieved “unicorn status” — with valuations over $1 billion — raises concerns of a possible tech bubble. In January 2014, 45 private companies were valued at $1 billion or more; by June 2016, 148 companies reached the billion dollar mark, according to the Wall Street Journal.

During the last quarter, many top news organizations predicted “the era of the unicorn” would soon be coming to an end. However, after Twilio’s solid performance during its recent IPO, CNN Money voiced renewed optimism announcing, “Unicorns live!” Opinions about the future of tech startups continue to shift.

Twilio is just one startup to consider, however, and every company is different. In order to make accurate forecasts about startups, it’s important to look under the hood and gather reliable research about each company on a case-by-case basis, but finding detailed information about private companies can be a time-consuming challenge. A good place to start is secondary market research reports, where you can access data and analysis that goes beyond the buzz. Analysts whose jobs depend on accuracy and due diligence regularly turn to third-party reports to get credible information.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of startup unicorns along with links to related market research reports. These reports assess corporate strategy, business opportunities and challenges, regulatory hurdles, and more — providing quick insights into complex subjects. 


Valuation: $62 billion
Founded: 2009
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

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Valuation: $45 billion
Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Beijing, China

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Valuation: $25.5 billion
Founded: 2008
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

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Valuation: $15 billion
Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Bangalore, India

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Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

Valuation: $5.5 billion
Founded: 1997
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

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Valuation: $3 billion
Founded: 2003
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

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