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5 Steps to Achieving Sales Success with Seasonal Merchandise

Today's fastest selling seasonal merchandise quickly becomes the "stuff" on tomorrow's sales racks. We’ve all passed the shelves full of drastically marked down Halloween candy, Christmas decorations and stuffed Easter bunnies. Overstock like this results in lost revenues, takes up precious real estate and marks a missed opportunity for merchants hoping to capitalize on the hottest items of a holiday season.

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5 Things to Consider When Repositioning for Emerging Markets

In business, it’s not about today – it’s about tomorrow. That’s because the most lucrative markets of the future aren’t necessarily the same ones that are presently profitable. Market research plays a key role when companies are repositioning for emerging markets.

China is anticipated to boast more than 30 million households in 2020 with a disposable income of $30,000, while Turkey should have more than 11 million households earning more than $30,000 in the next decade. To put the latter statistic into context, Canada currently boasts the same number of households earning at that level. Further market research indicates strong growth in several Central and South American countries, India, and across Africa.

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5 Emerging Markets That Are Not On Your Radar

Everyone knows the Big Five emerging markets. Referred to as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), this quintet represents the largest players. However, they are far from the only ones. The International Monetary Fund estimates that emerging markets will grow two to three times faster than those of developed nations in the coming decade. By examining the latest market research, we’ve identified five more emerging markets around the globe that represent rich opportunities for expanding specialty retail businesses – if they’re targeted correctly. 

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The 7 Rules for Succeeding in Emerging Markets

There’s no denying the enduring appeal and profit potential of markets in the developed world. However, in order to continue increasing revenues and building consumer bases, companies must look towards emerging markets. To successfully transition from domestic to international success in these markets, companies must take a carefully considered, well-researched approach. Here are seven tactics to help make that transition smoothly. 

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5 Ways to Persuade Millennials to Get Co-Branded Credit Cards

Colleges and universities present a unique marketing environment. Students are a large-scale, captive audience whose financial requirements have a generally uniform and narrow scope. Enticing them to enroll for credit cards is relatively easy for marketers. According to Sallie Mae, approximately half of all college students hold four or more credit cards.

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