5 Clear Signs It’s Time to Consider a Knowledge Center Solution

benefits of a market research subscriptionIs there a better way to obtain market research? This is a key question many companies contemplate at some point. Market research can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, and rethinking your current approach can pave the way for improved outcomes.

As a leading provider of global market intelligence products and services, our team here at MarketResearch.com sees what factors most often drive clients to pivot and choose a market research subscription we offer known as a Knowledge Center Solution.

A Knowledge Center is not only designed to be more cost-effective, but it also provides you with consistent high-quality results, greater ease of use, and more peace of mind.

If you’re on the fence about adopting a Knowledge Center Solution, here are five clear signs this option may right for you and your organization.

1. Your company has a critical area of focus that requires a comprehensive library of information to support.

A Knowledge Center offers unlimited access to an extensive collection of industry-specific market research from well-established, leading-edge publishers.

With this subscription, you will be able to access an entire catalog of published content plus new titles released in the subsequent 12 months. The collection provides a deep look into a specific industry as well as adjacent markets for a richer, wider viewpoint on any given topic.

The Knowledge Center includes exclusive insights into market sizing, forecasts, mergers and acquisitions, current and emerging trends, and competitor rankings — produced by credible and experienced analysts. This wealth of data will allow you to have greater confidence as you develop forward-looking business strategies.

2. You want the certainty of locking in research savings at a specific budget amount.

Knowledge Centers are always the most cost-efficient way to gain access to a complete and robust body of work on subjects critical to your line of business.

With the current shifting business environment, research budgets are changing all the time. The Knowledge Center provides you with the comfort and security of knowing that you will continue to have an ever-growing collection of market research reports for key decision-making for a full year, no matter how circumstances change.

3. You want to give all your teams access to market data on a continual basis.

These Knowledge Centers allow for company-wide access to all the information included in your subscription. This ensures that both regular users of market research and those who never had access before get to capitalize on your information investments.

This is especially true if your organization has decentralized budgets, as this service allows business units with little funding to also gain access to useful information they would otherwise not be able to afford at no extra cost to the company overall.

4. You want to ensure your employees rely on a vetted, trusted source of market intelligence.

With hundreds of new and unproven market research providers popping up every year, it is becoming very hard to know what information you can trust. With the Knowledge Center, you know that all the information is coming from a respected, authoritative source with a long, credible track record.

Our analysts deeply understand nuances in product trends and the market landscape, and they rely on a rigorous methodology and editorial process to ensure that every piece of content is data-rich, precise, and comprehensive.

5. You want to make sure end users leverage the resource effectively and have the ongoing support they need.

Since budgets are very tight these days, it is more important than ever to make sure the resources you provide will be utilized and maximized to their fullest extent. To that end, our Knowledge Centers have three major support mechanisms to help you realize the full impact of your investment:

  • World-class technology: A robust set of features on our platform provides fast and efficient ways to locate and use key information. For example, our full-text search and keyword-in-context capabilities allow you to find what you need in seconds. Our one-click clipping tool lets you drop charts, figures, and data points into internal communications and presentations.
  • Personalized training: We provide group and individual training sessions for all authorized users to help them learn about the solution’s capabilities and master tips and tricks for using the platform’s tools most effectively.
  • Detailed reporting: Your account manager will be able to help you analyze usage patterns, pinpoint key topics of interest, and identify inactive users to ensure that your teams are using the service to its fullest potential.

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