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MarketResearch.com Academic Announces Addition of Barnes Reports

Posted by Ashlan Bonnell

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Mar 19, 2014 7:32:00 AM

Barnes Reports, featured on MarketResearch.comMarketResearch.com is excited to announce the addition of a new publisher, Barnes Reports, to our Academic platform. Over the years, Barnes Reports has earned a reputable name within the academic community, making them a valuable addition to our Academic content offering. Barnes Reports publishes cost-effective and timely studies on a variety of industries and consumer buying trends in both the United States and world markets, including the largest manufacturing, retail, wholesale and services industries.

Established in 1998, Barnes Reports produces thousands of studies annually that focus on the most current and accurate insights on the largest U.S. and World industries. In fact, MarketResearch.com Academic features more than 7,000 Barnes Reports products that have been published just within the last year.

Barnes Reports’ studies provide in-depth industry insight into the following:

  • Estimates on industry establishments
  • Sales and employment
  • Sales by product line for retail industries
  • Cost of materials and capital expenditures
  • Wages and salaries for hundreds of job titles by industry
  • New ventures and investment opportunities

In addition, Barnes Reports publishes the following report series:

  • U.S. Industry & Market
  • World Industry & Market
  • U.S. Product & Retail
  • U.S. Product & Services
  • U.S. Materials & Manufacturing

MRDC_AcademicOur MarketResearch.com Academic package has been installed in scores of top universities since 1999, longer than any other academic research service. One of the most cost-effective sources of market intelligence available, MarketResearch.com Academic easily integrates into all campus-wide networks and government-affiliated libraries. With our Academic solution, students, faculty, librarians and administrators gain access to the same authoritative market research reports used by corporate executives and professionals on a daily basis. Our content offering consists of more than just secondary “raw data,” but encompasses primary research and expert analysis, including industry interviews, competitive analysis, market trends, product innovations, buyer behavior, market share and additional resources, which include company contact information, company profiles and more.   

MarketResearch.com Academic is available to colleges and universities with subscription pricing, based on a per full-time equivalent, to accommodate library budgets of all sizes. Approximately 98% of participating colleges and universities renew their subscription to the service.

For more information on MarketResearch.com Academic, contact Lisa Raker at lraker@marketresearch.com or 1.301.461.8703. Visit the MarketResearch.com Academic website, or click below to request more information.

MarketResearch.com Academic

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