Weekly Wrap-Up: September 14, 2018

WeeklyWrapUp-131269-editedSee the latest industry articles from Kalorama Information, The Freedonia Group, and Marketdata LLC. This week's topics include IVD, US-China automobile tariffs, the tattoo industry, and more.

5 Fast Facts About the IVD Market

Get a quick overview of the global $65 billion market for diagnostics and learn about key market drivers and constraints.

Testing for Tick-Borne Diseases Is a Big Business

Lyme and other tick-borne diseases are on the rise in the United States, and as awareness of these diseases grow, the demand for tick-borne disease testing is increasing as well.

Tariff Tracker: Tech Leader Cree Sees Hardship Ahead with Chinese Component Duties

Not all US manufacturers are happy about the Trump administration’s tariffs. Find out why.

Tariff Tracker: US-China Automobile Tariffs Causing Global Trouble

The growing trade dispute between the US and China comes with benefits and drawbacks for European auto manufacturers.

Tariff Tracker: Will US Raw Materials Tariffs Give Prospective Fence Buyers Pause?

How will tariffs on some of the most popular fencing materials affect demand for these products?

Tattoo Parlors & Tattoo Removal Is Now a Booming $3 Billion Industry

The tattoo industry, which also includes body piercing and tattoo removal, is estimated to be worth $3 billion, and is growing strongly.

5 Keys to Conducting a Market Opportunity Analysis

Follow these five steps to evaluate the attractiveness of a new market opportunity and start prioritizing your business growth initiatives.

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