Weekly Wrap-Up: October 4, 2018

wrap-up october 4 2018Check out the latest industry articles from Packaged Facts, Simba Information, Kalorama Information, The Freedonia Group, and MarketsandMarkets.  Topics include the ongoing battle between online and brick-and-mortar retailers, textbook sales, next-generation sequencing in diagnostics, a slew of new tariffs, and more.

Can Today’s Amazon Consumer Become Tomorrow’s Walmart Loyalist?

For Walmart, targeting upscale shoppers is just one of the keys to gaining a foothold over online retail behemoth Amazon.

U.S. Textbook Exports Fall 7.3% in First Half of the Year

With sales flagging, US education publishers are reassessing how to appeal to international markets.

Next Generation Sequencing Continues to Make Strides: Neonatal Screening, Onco-genomics, Infectious Disease Dx, and More

A quick look into some of the latest developments in the next generation sequencing segment.

Tariff Tracker: Newest Tariff List Will Hit Consumers Hardest

Which goods should consumers expect to pay more for in the coming weeks as new tariffs take effect?

Tariff Tracker: Proposed Tariffs on Plastic Bags Could Harm Green Businesses

Though new tariffs on certain types of plastic bags may seem like a boon for green businesses, they may hurt more than they help.

Tariff Tracker: US-China Trade War Escalation to Impact Market for Wood Building Products

Ongoing tariffs may significantly impact the US wood building products industry.

Tariff Tracker: The $1.25 Store? Tariffs to Strike Discount Retailers

New tariffs on Chinese imports could spell bad news for dollar and discount stores, as well as the lower income consumers that rely on them.

8 Key Military Applications for Artificial Intelligence in 2018

Artificial intelligence in military is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.75% from 2017 to 2025, highlighting how critical AI has become to modern warfare.

The U.S. Roofing Industry Outlook for 2018 and Beyond

According to a new white paper from The Freedonia Group, roofing demand growth will be bolstered by several factors, including an increasing need for storm-resistant products.

Optical Modulators Poised for Explosive Market Growth

How will optical modulators support future advancements in global tech?

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