Weekly Wrap-Up: October 27, 2017

WeeklyWrapUp.pngCatch up on the latest blog posts written by expert analysts from MarketResearch.com's publishing divisions and external partners.

This week, we bring you new information on affluent consumers, trends in clinical chemistry, the role of artificial intelligence in publishing, and other timely topics.

Four Trends in Clinical Chemistry

Healthcare market research firm Kalorama Information shares four important trends to watch in the clinical chemistry industry, based on the findings of a new report.

How Does It Feel to Be Affluent in an Age of Inequality?

A brand new Packaged Facts report reveals that an ongoing change in consumer values is a major part of the evolving mindset of upper-income consumers in an age of inequality.

Artificial Intelligence Set for Big Role in Scientific & Technical Publishing

Scientific and technical publishers are deploying intelligent technology to automate tasks involved in peer review and to combat predatory journals with questionable business practices.

What's Driving Innovation in the Shrink Sleeve Market?

Increasing demand for shrink sleeve labels in product packaging has spurred sustainable innovations among manufacturers of these materials.

Manufacturing & Environmental Uses to Spur Lime Demand Through 2021

Expected growth in the use of coal in electricity generation after years of decline will be a shot in the arm for lime demand in flue gas desulfurization.

Shift in Vehicle Transmissions Steering Developments in US Market

Efficiency-obsessed motor vehicle producers are clamoring for more unconventional transmissions.

The Future of Connected Farming, AgriTech, and the Internet of Things

With the rise of connected farming and IoT, software developers and predictive analytics companies will play a much larger role in agricultural operations.

Infographic: Top 4 Halloween Costumes for Dogs

A new infographic by Packaged Facts showcases pet Halloween costume trends and shares which dog costumes are favorites.

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