Weekly Wrap-Up: October 13, 2017

market research blogs.pngRead the latest market news and analysis on meal kits, probiotics, clothing trends, transmission technology, pricing for lab tests, wine caps and closures, and recreational oxygen use.

We also include new information on China's outlook in the midst of the upcoming 19th Party Congress, a major event that will set China's policy direction. 

Meal Kit Service HelloFresh Considers IPO

HelloFresh's consideration of an IPO comes on the heels of the underwhelming response to the Blue Apron public offering, which is covered in the market outlook analysis in Meal Kits Delivery Services in the U.S., 2nd Edition.

Probiotics: Beyond the Health Benefits

Companies in the functional foods market niche are leveraging consumer trends to gain brand traction, particularly the demand for nondairy probiotics.

Customizable, Durable Products Represent Countertrend to Fast Fashion

To combat fast fashion, niche clothing companies focused on quality are emerging.

Shift in Vehicle Transmissions Steering Developments in US Market

More stringent fuel economy requirements are driving advances in transmission technology.

CMS’s Deep PAMA Cuts Surprise Industry

Price cuts under the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) have taken the industry by surprise. Read Kalorama Information’s up-to-date analysis on this important topic.

Uncorking the Caps & Closures Market

Watch Freedonia analyst Mike Richardson in a hands-on discussion of wine caps and closures.

China Business Outlook: 19th Party Congress & Urbanization Reforms

Businesses need to prepare for significant changes to the market environment in China, particularly in light of the 19th Party Congress and rapid urbanization.

Oxygen in a Can: Why Recreational Oxygen Is Gaining Traction

More and more consumers buy oxygen in a can. Recreational oxygen is thought to boost athletic performance, treat the effects of aging, and increase energy.

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