Weekly Wrap-Up: November 17, 2017

WeeklyWrapUp.pngCatch up on the latest blog posts written by expert analysts from MarketResearch.com's publishing divisions and external partners.

Here, we bring you a variety of new insights on the markets for legal services, landscaping products, smart tech, oncology, mobile apps, grass-fed dairy, 3D printing, and shipbuilding.

Digitalization a Key Trend in the Legal Industry

To boost efficiency, law firms are automating back-end services and using digitization tools such as machine learning and cloud computing.

Greener Products Mean Greener Windfalls for Landscaping Manufacturers

Eco-conscious consumers have spurred a boom in green landscaping products, particularly in drought-prone regions where water conservation is a must.

"Smart" Tech Trends Reinvigorating the Consumer Water Filtration Systems Market

Water filtration has never been so easy, as Wi-Fi-connected products enable automatic filter replacement, remote management, and more.

Oncology Remains Most Active, Highest-Growth Area for LDTs

A new report from Kalorama Information expects a strong market for LDTs overall; however, oncology tests will grow 60% faster than other types of LTDs.

Retailer-Specific Mobile Apps an Important Means of Consumer Engagement

Retailer-specific mobile apps have become an important means of consumer engagement. They have been downloaded by a majority (53%) of smartphone users, and 42% have used them in the past 30 days, according to "Private Label Credit Cards in the U.S., 10th Edition."

Grass-Fed Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese on the Rise in the U.S.

Grass-fed dairy products are growing in popularity as consumers seek healthier options that are better for the planet.

3D Printing Soars in the Aerospace Industry

Innovative applications for 3D printing in the aerospace sector is boosting demand for industrial castings.

What Sequestration? Naval Expansion to Fuel Shipbuilder Growth

Despite cuts in government spending, US shipbuilders will benefit as the US Navy expands its fleet.

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