Weekly Wrap-Up: August 17, 2018

market research articlesCatch up on the latest blog posts from leading market research firms. This week, analysts discussed the markets for wild bird food, vaccines, gas, steel & aluminum fabricators, mattresses, plastics, outdoor living, dating services, and more.

Wild Birds Aren’t Picky Eaters

Bird feeding tends to appeal to older Americans as a retirement pastime, but the hobby is slowly becoming more popular with younger generations as well.

$32 Billion-Dollar Market for Vaccines

Although the market for vaccines experienced robust growth in 2017, a challenge remains: 12% of people around the world believe that vaccines are not safe.

Feeling Pain at the Pump? Blame Global Politics

Gas prices are expected to rise as political turmoil in oil-producing nations such as Venezuela and Iran reduce global supply.

Lower Standards for Gas May Get a Pass

The Trump Administration is working to freeze fuel economy standards at 2020 levels, but automakers will likely continue to manufacture cars to meet the old Obama-era policy standards

Steel & Aluminum Fabricators Under Pressure… to Grow?!

Due to tariffs on imported metals, fabricators are forced to purchase higher-priced US steel. These higher costs place a particular burden on small firms, which may not be able to survive.

Mattress Retailers Are Losing Sleep

The mattress industry is undergoing rapid change. Mattress Firm is shuttering stores across the country, while Casper — a popular bed-in-a-box company — plans to open 200 stores this year.

Tariff Tracker: New Taxes Target Plastics

How will a new 25% tariff on imports of key plastics from China affect the US market?

This Summer’s 3 Fastest Growing Outdoor Room Elements

Summer of 2018 is winding down, but these three outdoor room elements are set to keep rising through 2022.

Tariff Tracker: China Hits Out at US Polyethylene Manufacturers

Retaliatory tariffs from China on a range of commodity chemicals and polymers are set to sting US producers.

Tariff Tracker: RV Industry Faces a Steel and Aluminum Fork in the Road

Can the ongoing recovery of the recreational vehicle market withstand the Trump administration’s new steel and aluminum tariffs?

Walmart’s Competitive Advantage: 3 Key Success Factors

Walmart is famous for its ability to deliver “products that are so darn cheap you can’t believe it.” But there’s more to Walmart’s business strategy than low prices.

American Singles Fuel the $2.5 Billion Dating Market

Matchmaking and online dating has become a big, growing business, with dating services forecast to grow 5.1% per year to $3.2 billion by 2020.

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