Weekly Wrap-Up: August 10, 2018

WeeklyWrapUp-131269-editedIt was a busy week here at MarketResearch.com. Industry analysts published new articles on a wide variety of topics, from Walmart shoppers to K-12 publishing trends. 

In a series of blog posts and white papers, Freedonia also examined the potential impact of tariffs, going beyond broad generalizations to dissect specific industry categories. Read Freedonia's free white paper for 49 pages of fresh analysis.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Walmart Shopper: 3 Key Stats

Learn what percentage of shoppers purchase groceries, pet products, and financial services from Walmart.

What You May Have Missed at AACC 2018

Kalorama Information attended the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) in Chicago this month and produced a white paper highlighting key developments.   

K-12 Publishers Adapt to Changing Demand in Schools

While the largest textbook publishers still determine the directional success of the industry as a whole because of their size, demand is changing in the schools and strategies are shifting among the publishers.

Trade War: Will PVC Resin Take a Hit?

Both the U.S. and China have established a number of second-tier tariffs – primarily focused on chemicals – to be imposed on a case-by-case basis. Will PVC resin make the cut?

Tariff Tracker: Tariffs to Spur Increase of US Production of Solar Panels

Tariffs on imported solar panels may lead to an uptick in US-based production.

Tariff Tracker: Will Tariffs Wash Away Gutter & Downspout Sales?

US gutter and downspout producers aren’t quite sure how to react to the Trump administration’s new tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Tariff Tracker: Steel & Aluminum Tariffs Complicate the Kitchen Appliance Market

Kitchen and other appliance manufacturers with a strong US manufacturing footprint face challenges related to a slew of new tariffs.

Tariff Tracker: No End in Sight to US & China Trade Hostility

The US and China have fired the latest shots in their ongoing trade conflict. What will happen next?

12 Leading In Vitro Diagnostics Companies to Watch

The IVD market is competitive, with both established players and nimble up-and-comers vying for market share. Here, we highlight 12 leading IVD companies profiled in Kalorama’s new report.

5 Game-Changing Drone Applications for 2018

The number of drone applications has continued to expand beyond the military to a variety of commercial and civil applications, helping to propel the drone market to new heights.

US & China: Tariff Impact Report

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