An Overview of Technavio: Your Top Questions Answered

Technavio LogoTechnavio is an industry-leading global market research and advisory firm that specializes in identifying growth opportunities, trends, and challenges that can affect the market landscape. 

More than 10,000 reports by Technavio are currently available on To help you better understand this research provider and their unique expertise, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Technavio.

What does Technavio do?

Technavio’s team of over 550 experts has unparalleled expertise in covering more than 100 industry segments and 800 niche and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, analytics, AR/VR, blockchain, 5G, IOT, and many more. Technavio’s analysts are in constant touch with industry participants and monitor the market on a day-to-day basis to provide you with the most reliable insights. Through its proprietary databases, Technavio has a complete picture of the market, which enables the firm to deliver over 6,000 research reports every year.

Is Technavio credible?

Technavio has been in the research industry for more the 20 years now. All Technavio reports are developed by a dedicated team of industry analysts with experience of a minimum of 7 years in specific segments across the globe.

The objective of Technavio’s report is to provide 360-degree perspective of a target market by combining insights on variety of parameters considered important for decision makers. While developing reports, Technavio’s analysts process and analyze data from variety of secondary and primary sources and develop deep-dive perspectives on major business parameters including market dynamics, competitive rivalry, customer landscape, industry trends, emerging disruptive technologies and mega trends, new business models, and impact of technology to assess and predict the future business landscape and opportunities for market participants.

Technavio reports are used by variety of companies including 55 Fortune 500 companies, 25+ educational institutes and universities, and top 10 consulting companies across the globe. 

Where is Technavio located?

Technavio is headquartered in London (UK). However, Technavio has other offices located in Toronto, Canada; Elmhurst, USA; Bangalore, India; and Beijing, China. 

What type of information is provided in Technavio reports?

All Technavio reports cover detailed market performance with key segments such as product segments, end-user segments, and geographical segments, along with the competitive landscape of key companies, key trends, drivers, challenges, and five-year forecasts.  

What is Technavio research used for?

Technavio research is used by investment bankers, consulting companies, manufacturing companies, and many more to help businesses formulate better business proposals and marketing strategies to make informed decisions.  

What are some popular reports by Technavio?

Technavio has a repository of more than 21,000 reports. However, some of the latest reports are as follows:

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