Top 5 Videos by in 2019 has released dozens of videos on our YouTube channel that feature key data and quick insights into different industries. Check out the most-viewed videos from this past year below.

1.) Festive Facts 

Here are a few festive facts from our market research publishers to help you celebrate the season.


2.) Artificial Intelligence of Things

AIoT is just beginning to become part of the ICT lexicon as the possibilities for the former adding value to the latter are only limited by the imagination.


3.) Sixth Generation Cellular

Looking beyond fifth generation (5G) cellular towards sixth generation (6G) technology is challenging, particularly as the former is not yet (fully) commercially launched and the latter is in the R&D stage.


4.) 5G Smart Antenna Market

5G smart antennas will be necessary to provide mobility support for many new and enhanced apps and services such as virtual reality, self-driving cars, connected vehicles, and Voice over 5G (Vo5G).


5.) United States Navy Nuclear-Powered Submarines and Aircraft Carriers

Today, and for the last 78 years, the United States has ruled the waves and thereby ruled the world. And a major reason for its dominance, is the U.S. Navy’s fleet of nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers.


Where to Find More Videos

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