Top 10 White Papers from in 2019

market research white’s publishing divisions and external partners released a variety of white papers in 2019 that provide expert insights and practical information to help you stay ahead of the latest industry trends.

Available for instant download, these free resources cover a wide range of topics including self-driving cars, affluent Americans, legal cannabis, medical publishing, and more.

Self-Driving Vehicles Market ResearchWill Self-Driving Vehicles Be a Reality by 2025?

Packed with detailed analysis and insightful graphics, this white paper is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of driverless car technology and the different levels of autonomous driving.

pet industry trendsAffluent and High-Net Worth Americans

In this e-book, market research firm Packaged Facts examines important generational and racial/ethnic trends in an economic environment where household growth, mean wealth, and aggregate wealth trends in the United States clearly substantiate a post-recession skew toward affluence.

Off-Highway Equipment Market5 Key Trends to Watch in STM Publishing

Scientific, technical and medical (STM) publishing continues to evolve at a rapid pace alongside the rise of the open access movement, the impact of mobile technology, and the shifting demand for books, journals and online content.

Self-Driving Vehicles Market ResearchAre EVs Equipped Enough to Overthrow the Dominance of Vehicles Based on ICE?

Given the huge investments in electric vehicle technology and ambitious targets set by OEMs and governments around the world to accelerate the adoption of EVs, it seems very likely that ICE technology is on the way out.

Self-Driving Vehicles Market ResearchThe Emerging Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem

In this white paper, BIS Research analyzes new potential business models and how OEMs and suppliers will be able to win in the emerging autonomous vehicle ecosystem.

Legally Growing Cannabis in the US: 6 Things Your Business Needs to KnowLegally Growing Cannabis in the US: 6 Things Your Business Needs to Know

The US market for cannabis growing products is poised for robust growth going forward, as more states legalize cannabis markets and the effects of federal allowances under the 2018 Farm Bill take clearer shape.

Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp: Pet Market OpportunitiesCannabis, CBD, and Hemp: Pet Market Opportunities

As discussed in this Packaged Facts white paper, the evident potential in the pet marketplace and extensive trade efforts to secure regulatory guidelines mean that CBD products will not long remain niche.

medical publishing industry7 Leading Medical Publishers to Watch

Leading medical publishers posted double-digit profit margins in 2018. Although the $10.1 billion market for medical publishing offers a broad range of revenue channels, competition remains fierce.

Genomic MedicineThe Five Forces of Genomic Medicine

The last few years have witnessed an exceptional pace of progress for genomic medicine, which has influenced the entire continuum of medical practice including risk assessment, diagnostic, treatment, and preventive care.

Poland Non-WovensPoland: A Rising Nonwovens Market

The demand for nonwoven fabrics in Poland is comparable to that of more developed, populous countries like Italy and the UK, and the market is expected to grow at an above average rate through 2022.

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