Top 10 Most-Viewed Blog Posts by The Freedonia Group in 2017

Freedonia_Group_350-720692-edited.jpgSince 1985, The Freedonia Group has provided high-quality industry market research used by business leaders, strategists, and decision makers around the globe.

The Freedonia Group is a division of, with a large team of in-house analysts covering a wide range of global markets including automotive, oil, construction, industrial components, and chemicals.

Here’s a look at 10 of the most-viewed blog posts written by Freedonia analysts in 2017.

1.) The Future of the Automotive Diesel Engine Industry Is Brighter Than It Appears

Although the global automotive diesel engine industry has received negative publicity recently — with both Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler facing emissions cheating claims — the industry as a whole is expected to grow and innovate in the coming years.

2.) Two New Oil Refineries Planned for Texas: The Biggest in 40 Years

Oil refinery construction in the U.S. is a rare occurrence, but both MMEX Resources and Raven Petroleum have plans to open new refineries in 2019.

3.) West Texas Sand: A New Proppant

Proppants are essential for hydraulic fracturing, but transporting proppants such as frac sand is costly. In order to mine the sand closer to the point of use, three frac sand companies are investing a combined half billion dollars in the West Texas region.

4.) Manufactured Housing Industry Continues to Consolidate

Since the recession, the manufactured housing industry has become increasingly concentrated.  The three largest producers of manufactured homes controlled more than 70 percent of the US  market in 2015, but that share has only grown in recent years.

5.) Layer Cakes: The Geology of Oklahoma’s SCOOP and STACK

Since oil prices entered a protracted slump, oil companies are only drilling in places with the strongest potential for profitability. Two especially promising locations for this are Oklahoma’s SCOOP and STACK.

6.) The Nuts and Bolts of Acquisition Activity in the Global Industrial Fasteners Market

The global industrial fasteners market is expected to become more concentrated as manufacturing, product development, marketing, and distribution costs continue to rise.

7.) Roofing Distributors Shield Themselves from Competition Through Acquisitions

Roofing distributors — companies that buy roofing in bulk and re-sell it to contractors — will benefit from the growing demand for roofing in the US, as new housing starts increase.

8.) Asbestos in Brake Pads: What the Average Consumer Might Not Realize

If you think asbestos is completely banned in the US, think again. Low-cost asbestos-containing brake parts from countries such as China and India increased 83% from 1996 to 2006, putting automotive mechanics at risk.

9.) 4 Acquisitions Impacting the Global Water Treatment Chemicals Market

New acquisitions have drastically reshaped the global water treatment chemicals market in recent years, with long-term implications for the market.

10.) Innovation and Growth in the Biopesticides Market: 4 New Products

As organic farming becomes more popular and consumers demand safe, cleaner alternatives to conventional pesticides, the biopesticides market will continue to grow.

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