The U.S. Pet Market's Emphasis on Natural & Organic

Pet Shopper_Featured on U.S. pet market is one of the largest in the world with dedicated pet parents wanting the best for the little loved ones. Even through the recent economic downturn, sales of dog and cat treats remained strong. With health-conscious decisions becoming more prominent in owners own lives, it makes sense that 38% of pet owners believe that natural and organic pet products are often better than standard brands. The future of pet products will be filled with healthier and natural ingredients.


Natural and organic products are not only being seen in everyday pet food, but also in many pet treats. Because so many treats are being purchased, many health supplements increasingly resemble treats so they are more likely to be purchased. According to a report by publisher Packaged Facts, treat supplements provide an “enjoyment factor” for both parents and pets. Other supplements are coming in gels and pastes, as well as gravies and powders designed to be added to pet food.

Many of these supplements contain popular ingredients that even human supplements have, including: glucosamine, omega fatty acids, and probiotics, along with trendier ingredients like bee pollen, green tea, and elk velvet antler. Similarly, natural and organic pet supplements work to do the same job as human ones. Supplements are used for weight loss, joint deterioration, and other age-related conditions.

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Market projections place pet retail sales at $1.6 billion by 2017, which means there is high growth room for companies in the pet industry. To gain some of those profits, industry leaders will have to work hard to remain relevant in consumers’ eyes. With so many new supplements available, they will be fighting over shelf space in the pet stores.

Companies will have to consider many factors to make sure that their treats are better than their competitor’s offerings. Clinical testing, proprietary formulas, the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) seal of approval, novel ingredients, natural ingredients, retail merchandising, and social media programs are all parts of the competitive equation now.

With the devotion we have for our pets, we want the best health products for our little ones, so the opportunities for those in the pet industry will only continue to grow.

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