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SimbaDue to the rapid changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Simba Information newsletters, Educational Marketer and Electronic Education Report, are sharing free news coverage related to the impact of COVID-19 on the K-12 and higher education markets.

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Educational Publishers React to COVID-19

Almost every provider of instructional resources and services is giving away materials and services online for free. This article describes a sampling of these offerings and the ways companies are changing their business conduct during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schools Develop Models for Distance Learning

Although districts are trying to move to distance learning, they still have a long way to go, with only 5% of districts delivering curriculum, instruction, and progress monitoring to students. Get more information about the different approaches and models being used by school districts in this article.

Coronavirus May Be Test of Technology-Enabled Learning

The accelerating shutdowns of K-12 schools, happening under the threat of the coronavirus, may highlight how widespread the shift to digital learning has been, but also may highlight ongoing inequities across schools. In this article, Simba takes a closer look at how one of the first communities impacted by the virus is coping.

Education Stocks’ Share Prices Decline Amid Economic Downturn

Price-per-share of the stocks tracked in the EER Stockwatch declined more sharply than the overall market as the impact of the coronavirus hit the U.S. economy. Learn which education company posted the steepest price-per-share declines, and which had the smallest year-to-date price decline.

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