Market Research Firms Explore the Global Impact of COVID-19

global economic Impact COVID-19The coronavirus outbreak is moving quickly. In this time of uncertainty and rapid change, market research firms are weighing in to assess the impact on different market segments.

We gathered some eye-catching headlines from our publishers and partners on Twitter to bring you some of the latest news and market insights related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Freedonia: COVID-19 Economic Impact Tracker

Freedonia analysts and economists provide on-going updates on the impacts of COVID-19.


DuckerFrontier: The Oil Pricing War

Practice Leader for Global Economics and Scenarios Ryan Connelly shares insights on the recent oil pricing war.


Euromonitor: What COVID-19 Means for the Economy

In a series of blog posts, Euromonitor analysts explore the impact of COVID-19 on sports, travel, and other key markets.


Mintel: COVID-19 and Consumer Behavior

According to Mintel, being home bound due to coronavirus may shift how consumers in China and the Asia-Pacific behave in the future.


The Economist Intelligence Unit: COVID-19 & Brexit

Claire Casey, a Global Managing Director of Public Policy Practice at the Economist Intelligence Unit, wrote about how prepared Britain is for the coronoavirus pandemic. 


IBISWorld: Industry Impacts of Coronavirus

Senior Analyst Nick Masters discusses the ripple effects of the coronavirus across auto parts manufacturing, tourism, and semiconductor manufacturing.


IDC: The Transition to Remote Work

IDC explores how prepared organizations are for remote work as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds and the next best steps for increasing the use of collaborative technologies in businesses.


Frost & Sullivan: The Need for Face Masks

It will be a challenge for the personal protective equipment (PPE) industry to meet the growing demand for face masks as the coronavirus spreads, according to Frost & Sullivan.


Packaged Facts: Dog Infected by COVID-19

Packaged Facts shared an article about a confimed case of a dog infected with the coronavirus in Hong Kong.

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