Publisher Spotlight: Q&A with Plunkett Research

Plunkett_ResearchThrough Profound, users can access the world’s leading business intelligence providers in one convenient platform. With more than 200 publishers across 700 industry sectors, Profound offers a vast array of market research reports to choose from.

In this new blog series, we’ll give you an inside look at specific publishers on Profound. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about the reports they publish and what differentiates them from other publishers on the market. Today, we’re interviewing Plunkett Research, Ltd., a provider of industry sector analysis, trends, and statistics. Find out more in the Q&A below.

Tell us about your expertise as a market research publisher.

Plunkett Research, Ltd. has been in business since 1985. Over time, we’ve developed expertise in virtually every industry. We’re based in Houston, Texas, the energy capital of the world, and to a large extent, the health care capital as well. We’re strong in those areas, but we also cover nearly everything else: retailing, technology (even emerging areas like nanotechnology), ecommerce, and transportation/supply chain. There are some advantages to this approach, in that we see great synergies between industry sectors, and that leads us to unique insights. For example, there are tremendous synergies among the wireless industry, sensors, the Internet of Things, and the future of the automobile industry. Our broad view enables us to help the user connect the dots and see the opportunities.

What types of market research reports do you offer?

We have two lines of reports. First, there is our Plunkett Analytics reports. Each report takes a deep dive into a specific industry sector, providing vital analytics including financial benchmarks, historical and forecast revenues with CAGR, and operating ratios. Each report also includes ranks, profiles, and comparative financial results for top companies over a six-year period. We publish these on 435 unique industry sectors each year, which means that we cover virtually all industrial sectors, from services like consulting and engineering, to retailing, to all types of manufacturing. Plunkett Analytics is currently priced at $1,995 per report for a single user, running about 65 pages per report. These reports cover the U.S. only.

Next, there’s our industry overviews, which we call Plunkett’s Industry Almanacs. We publish these reports yearly. They cover very broad industry sectors, including retailing, banking, manufacturing/robotics, automobile, InfoTech, biotechnology, health care, insurance, and energy. Each report covers both global and U.S. information. The format, over 400 to 600 pages, includes an industry trends analysis / market research section, industry statistical tables, and profiles of industry-leading companies, both public and privately held. Each report is priced at $349.99.

What kinds of problems does your market research help clients solve?

  • Product development strategy
  • Market sizing
  • Analysis of trends in market potential
  • Technology trends analysis
  • Overall strategy development
  • Financial modeling, benchmarking, and forecasting
  • Business development and prospect list development

What differentiates you from other market research publishers?

Our reasonable prices and the fact that we are U.S.-based. Our 30-year history of successful operation also says a lot. And, the fact that we have a unique, database-driven methodology is one of the keys to our success.

Which market research reports or topics are particularly relevant or timely right now?

Our most vital reports, from the user’s point of view, may be those on sectors that are undergoing the most change, and therefore it is extremely critical that the user make the correct strategic decisions. This would include health care, retailing, ecommerce, renewable energy, robotics, and green technology.

Is there anything else readers should know about your products?

Definitely. We serve a long list of blue-ribbon clients around the world, including government agencies, investment firms, consultants, analysts, and top universities. In fact, many of the world’s leading schools of business use our reports in the classroom and for support of case studies.

Why did you choose to join Profound? What benefits does Profound provide? 

We like Profound’s unique approach. We’re keenly aware of the fact that all organizations are carefully watching their budgets. Profound is an excellent way for an organization to work within a budget and still get quality information. This fits in with our general business model. As you will see from the data we provide at the price points that we have set, we deliver exceptional value in all of our products.

How to learn more

Market research reports by Plunkett Research are available on, where subscribers are able to purchase the individual sections, chapters, tables, or charts of a report they need without having to pay for the pieces they don’t.

To learn more about Profound, request a demo.

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