Publisher Spotlight: Q&A with MicroMarketMonitor

MircoMarketMonitor_market_researchIn this new blog series, we provide an inside look at specific publishers on ProfoundYou'll have the opportunity to learn more about the reports they publish and what differentiates them from other publishers on the market. Today, we’re interviewing MicroMarketMonitor, a publisher that provides in-depth insights into 5,000 granular markets. Learn more about them in the Q&A below.

Tell us about your expertise as a market research publisher.

MicroMarketMonitor is a leading market research provider that focuses on niche segments and diversified geographies. We offer Multi-Dimensional Analysis of any market using advanced Business Intelligence Tools. The company is using RT-Connect to connect more than 10 million industry stakeholders to conduct research on any given target market. We provide an ecosystem analysis for each granular market. We have a dedicated team of 200 plus analysts, and we offer quality service by assisting our readers with post-purchase assistance and analyst calls.

We focus on the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Energy and Power
  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemicals & Advanced Materials
  • Semiconductor and Electronics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Telecom and IT
  • Automotive
  • Information and Communication Technology

What types of market research reports do you offer?

We offer full market research reports on all leading industry verticals. They are global, regional, country level, and geo-specific. The report provides you with the competitive landscape and the customer landscape, profiling all key market players for the target market, along with the competitive SWOT analysis. Our reports are precise and data oriented, with more tabular and figure representations.

What kinds of problems does your market research help clients solve?

Our research reports help clients in deciding their business strategy (new product development, entering new markets, and product placement) by providing information on their target market, customers, and competitive portfolio. Our research reports provide an accurate forecast, which helps clients in brand positioning.

What differentiates you from other market research publishers?

We carry out our research with extensive primary and secondary methods, profiling all the relevant facts and data in our report. We value each client and deliver them the highest quality through our products and services, which include free customization, post-purchase assistance, and an analyst call.

Why did you choose to join Profound? What benefits does Profound provide? 

Profound is a different platform, full of opportunities. Profound holds a strong position in the research industry and is trusted by different client segments. Hence, to enhance our business, we joined Profound. Profound provides a huge benefit through different sales approaches (cut-out sales) as they successfully win untapped opportunities.

How do you keep your reports up to date?

We publish our reports according to the latest trends of the market. We believe in maintaining high-quality standards. Also, for our older reports, we update and re-publish them to cover current market information and happenings. Thus, we keep all our research publications relevant and timely.

Is there anything else readers should know about your products?

Yes, we are highly distinguished from other publishers. We are the only publisher who provides a top-down/bottom-up approach in our research methodology.

Also, we profile the granular market with all the key points and micro cut-outs that no one else provides. We offer our readers the option to customize the report according to their specific budget and requirements. We provide them with a couple of research methodologies along with information on each, which allows them to choose the research methodology that will deliver optimum benefits.

We value our readers and end users, and we assist them at every point of time from pre to post purchase.

How to learn more

Market research reports by MicroMarketMonitor are available on, where subscribers are able to purchase the individual sections, chapters, tables, or charts of a report they need without having to pay for the pieces they don’t.

To learn more about Profound, request a demo..

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