3 Construction Industry Trends Related to the Building Envelope

The exterior components of a building — also known as the building envelope — are a key consideration for construction professionals. The choice of materials greatly influences construction and maintenance costs, ease of installation, durability, and sustainability.

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U.S. Weight Loss Industry Outlook Strong for 2018 and Beyond

There are very few negatives in this year’s outlook for the U.S. weight loss market. The largest competitors are back in high-growth mode, unemployment is down, obesity rates are still high, and more DIY dieters seem to be joining structured programs.

The industry appears to be hitting on all cylinders, propelled by a strong overall economy and continued high demand for weight loss programs by a largely overweight population.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: November 9, 2018

Read on for all the latest from Packaged Facts, The Freedonia Group, Simba Information, and Kalorama Information. This week, our analysts tackled hot topics in durable pet products, global water treatment, kindergarten readiness programs, the booming US side gig market, and much more.

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7 Key Stats to Know About the Automotive Aftermarket

The automotive aftermarket — the secondary market for vehicle parts used in repair and maintenance — encompasses everything from brake parts to filters to batteries. Automotive aftermarket companies include General Motors, Bosch, Standard Motor Products, Denso, Federal-Mogul, and CARDONE Industries, among others.

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6 Things to Know About the U.S. Gigs & Side Hustles Market

Gig work soared after the Great Recession, as workers were laid off and millennials entered the job market. In addition, new technology – including ride sharing apps and the ability to telecommute and provide freelance services from home – also fueled growth in part-time gigs. In an effort to find life/work balance, millennials and others embraced this more flexible lifestyle.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: November 2, 2018

Check out all tthe latest articles from the experts at The Freedonia Group and Kalorama Information.

Read up on precast concrete products, efforts to address climate change, diagnostics, and more.

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The Amcor-Bemis Merger: 3 Things to Know

The past few years have seen quite a boom in merger and acquisition activity, particularly in the packaging market. For proof of this, look no further than the blockbuster August announcement that Amcor planned to acquire rival packaging firm Bemis in an all-stock transaction valued at nearly US$5.3 billion.

Should the acquisition go through as anticipated, the transaction would create the world leader in flexible packaging, with US$13 billion in combined sales, according to a new acquisition impact report from The Freedonia Group. Here are three things to know about this global packaging game changer.

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Infographic on Milk & Dairy Alternatives: Consumer Trends

More and more people want to go dairy free — at least some of the time. Consumption of non-dairy plant-based milks has increased by triple digits, according to a report by Packaged Facts titled Dairy and Dairy Alternative Beverage Trends in the U.S., 4th Edition

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Weekly Wrap-Up: October 26, 2018

Catch up on the latest articles from Kalorama Information, Simba Information, The Freedonia Group, and Freedonia Focus Reports. 

Analysts covered a diverse range of topics this week, among them bioprocessing, artificial intelligence, investments in education technology, bed and bath retail, and more.

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Are Packaged Systems the Future of the Global Water Treatment Industry?

As the global population continues to grow, access to clean water will be more critical than ever, particularly in remote or rural regions lacking the infrastructure or funds to construct large-scale water treatment facilities. As a result, packaged water treatment systems have seen a rise in worldwide popularity.

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