Unveils New Website Design New Website Design, featured on Thursday, September 18th, we unveiled’s newly redesigned home page. These changes were made as part of our continued effort to make your experience smoother, quicker and more productive. Every organization's market research needs are different. With this new design, we hope to be able to meet those diverse needs in an effective manner.

To help familiarize our visitors with the new look, here's a quick tour of the changes.


For starters, our new home page now includes a search bar that scrolls with you as you navigate down the page. Getting to the specific information you need as quickly as possible is always important. So now, you can search from any place on the home page.

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Our content offerings are now organized into two Categories and Publishers tabs for a clean look that is also easy to navigate. The Categories tab gives you a quick glance at a portion of our industry coverage. The 15 publishers listed on the Publishers tab are also only a small glimpse into our offerings. On both tabs, you may click the “View All” link in the lower right-hand corner to view all Categories and Publishers, respectively, to find the category and/or publisher that meets your needs.

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Under the Categories and Publishers tabs is the new "Solutions" section. For ultimate flexibility, offers a variety of ways to purchase market research. For many of our clients, a market research solution is a better fit than purchasing individual reports. You can now easily browse our solution offerings to find the perfect fit for your organization.

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You may click a circle to get more information on a particular solution. In addition to Profound, which is detailed above, a Knowledge Center allows you access to an extensive catalog of industry-specific market research reports for a fixed cost. Custom allows you to use our research services tailored to your needs, and Academic allows colleges and universities access to real-world market research based on a per-student rate.

Below the “Solutions” section are the Featured Reports and Blog Posts tabs. These tabs allow you to stay up-to-date on the newest reports offered on, as well as our latest blog posts providing industry-specific insights and helpful advice and perspectives on the market research industry.

MarketResearch.com_Reports_and_Blog_Posts, featured on 

We now also have a much clearer presentation of's numerous tools to help you through the research process. This section includes clickable Research Assistance, Alert Me, and Resource Center icons to help you find the right tools quickly.

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The Research Assistance icon will quickly take you to a live chat with a Customer Service Representative. Our Customer Service Reps can help guide you through the procurement process and expedite the delivery of your content, efficiently and effectively. If you need help finding a the right report at the right price, this is the perfect tool for you.

By signing up for our Alert Me service, you can receive bi-weekly custom updates via e-mail every time a new report is available on in your selected Research Categories. This complimentary targeted email is a great tool for staying up-to-date on the latest in your markets of interest, including product development, competitive analysis, and trends.

Our Resource Center is the perfect tool for finding free market research content to help you through the research process. We offer eBooks, white papers, Slideshares, and videos on industry-specific topics as well as market research as a whole. The Resource Center is a great source for how-to's, advice, insights and information on the market research industry.

In addition, you can now find our social media icons in the footer, allowing you to connect with us across numerous social platforms for an easy and engaging way to stay up-to-date on the latest in market research. 

We are always looking to improve your market research experience. If you have any website or market research suggestions, please submit them below. We would love to hear your feedback! We look forward to filling your market research needs for many years to come.

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