Weekly Wrap-Up: September 22, 2017

WeeklyWrapUp.pngIt was a busy week for our research analysts at The Freedonia Group, Freedonia Focus Reports, Simba Information, and Packaged Facts. 

Catch up on their latest blogs with our weekly round-up, and check out a new guest post from MarketsandMarkets on a game-changing technology in the telecom industry.

Hurricane Season & Its Impact on Windows & Doors

A particularly active 2017 hurricane season is likely to stoke interest in impact-resistant windows and doors, which are specially designed to withstand high-speed winds and debris.

More Schools Ready for Digital Learning as Connectivity Increases

Students and educators are getting access to options and resources they never had before, according to Evan Marwell, founder and CEO of EducationSuperHighway.

Trucks Are the Next Major Frontier in Electric Vehicles

Daily routes and central depots mean city delivery and refuse collection are opportune markets for electric trucks.

Lego's Loss May Not Be Competitors' Gain

The construction (toy) boom may be coming to an end.

Two Alternatives to Conventional Insurance: Self-Funded and Provider-Owned

Health insurance firms increasingly find themselves administering self-funded plans they do not own, or supplanted entirely by provider-owned plans.

Consolidation Continues in the US Paper & Paperboard Industry

Historical declines in output are taking a toll on the number of firms and establishments in the US paper and paperboard industry.

C-RAN: A Game-Changing Cutting-Edge Technology for Telcos

C-RAN technology is at a very nascent stage and is expected to attain significant growth rates post-2020 in developing economies.

Elucidating the Truth in Market Research Through Emotion Analysis

The emotional responses people have to products can reveal crucial insights. Verbal feedback alone can sometimes be misleading or simply irrelevant, according to a recent case study.

A Tail of Two Cities: Portland(s) Important to the Pet Medications Market

Two companies – based on opposite sides of the country, but in cities bearing the same name – are trying to disrupt how pet owners receive their pet medications.

Top Players in the US Pet Market

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