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This week, is spotlighting global healthcare and energy research firm GlobalData. Read on to learn more about GlobalData and their products.

Delivering actionable insight into the global energy and healthcare markets

GlobalData is a leading market intelligence provider, which delivers actionable insight for both the healthcare and energy industries. With a combination of 1,000 researchers, market analysts and consultants, GlobalData helps healthcare and energy companies to achieve growth and increase their business value by providing them with high-quality, accurate and transparent industry analysis. GlobalData’s team of industry experts ensure that clients stay at the forefront of their markets by providing them with integrated market forecasts and analysis, identifying opportunities from emerging trends and devising strategies for growth and expansion into new markets. 

Healthcare Market Coverage

GlobalData’s healthcare research has supported businesses across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical equipment markets with strategic decision-making, which has enabled them to increase their products and services value.

GlobalData has an extensive network of healthcare analysts and stakeholders located in key regions of the world, meaning that clients have the advantage of gaining real-time analysis and comprehensive research on a macro- and micro-level. This analysis leads to more informed decision making across the value chain, including opportunity assessment, market entry strategy development and competitive benchmarking.

Find out more about GlobalData’s healthcare research and analysis to see how the company can provide clients with expert insights, informed market forecasts, and tools to help save time and money.

Energy Market Coverage

GlobalData’s team of experienced energy market specialists provide actionable insights for world-leading energy co-operations. The company’s unparalleled understanding of the energy industry enables it to provide a combination of leading research and expert analysis, which helps accelerate clients’ growth and expansion into new markets.

GlobalData’s in-depth understanding of how the oil, gas and power markets operate allows it to tailor research and analytics to client’s needs. GlobalData’s expertise includes upstream and downstream oil and gas industry analysis, as well as renewable energy and smart grid market analysis.

Find out more about GlobalData’s energy market coverage to see how it can provide clients with expert insights, informed market forecasts, and tools to help save time and money.

GlobalData's clients are continually impressed with the quality of their reports:“The in-depth knowledge demonstrated by [GlobalData's] analysts was very impressive — I doubt we would have found expertise like it anywhere else.” For top-quality insights into the healthcare and energy markets, browse our collection of GlobalData reports.

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