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Innovative Growth Strategies

For over half a century, Frost & Sullivan has partnered with companies around the world developing “innovative growth strategies” that will allow these clients to experience new opportunities, accelerated growth, and improved decision-making. Frost & Sullivan has established itself as a global leader for generating corporate growth through their technology research, market research, economic research, corporate best practices, customer research, competitive intelligence, and more.

Frost & Sullivan’s Research and Growth Partnership Services program provides clients with the tools to identify and overcome challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and gain an advantage in the marketplace. The comprehensive research identifies challenges, intensified competition, and market insights, as well as local and global perspectives to help clients achieve above-industry growth.

The seamless integration of global offices and personnel forms the basis of Frost & Sullivan’s ability to identify, research, analyze, and present timely global growth opportunities in your market. This approach is applied to ensure clients achieve a balanced view of the global marketplace and make informed strategic decisions to reach their growth objectives. The research insights are focused on real-time technical and econometric intelligence, as well as best practice strategies and market segment analysis.

Comprehensive Global Market Perspective 

Global market perspective is of paramount importance for companies in any industry. Frost & Sullivan’s global industry insights help build a foundation and play an important role in companies’ growth strategies by encompassing a variety of research elements, including comprehensive review, technology, economics, demographics, and analytical application tools. In providing the best comprehensive global coverage, Frost & Sullivan focuses on the following core values:

  • Focus on Growth: Frost & Sullivan’s business intelligence engages clients in identifying, researching, and developing new opportunities and strategies for accelerated corporate growth.
  • Industry Breadth: Frost & Sullivan’s disciplined research program is built on more than 50 years of experience, and its global expertise spans across a broad spectrum of markets and technologies for in “out-of-the-box” thinking and innovation. Frost & Sullivan’s provides expertise in the following markets:
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Automotive and Transportation
    • Chemicals, Materials and Food
    • Energy and Environment
    • Healthcare
    • Industrial Automation and Process Control
    • Measurement and Instrumentation
    • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Global Perspective: Without an accurate global perspective of your market, your company not only eliminates valuable and lucrative growth opportunities, but puts your company at risk. Frost & Sullivan’s global support, coverage, and perspective via 40 different office locations worldwide enables companies to receive true regional expertise.
  • Continuous Monitoring: By consistently monitoring global markets, Frost & Sullivan is able to provide clients with the most accurate, real-time insights that can generate the most lucrative growth opportunities.
  • CEO’s 360 Degree Perspective: Through disciplined research and critical thinking methodologies, Frost & Sullivan’s business intelligence significantly enhances accurate and opportunistic decision making and decreases risk.
  • Trusted Partner: Above all, the Frost & Sullivan team works closely with clients to ensure all assets are leveraged for optimal growth possibilities.

Frost & Sullivan can provide your company with a comprehensive solution for growth opportunities. Do you think Frost & Sullivan’s insight can help you and your business? Check out their current reports.

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Editor’s notes:
The blog post is written by Rufus Connell, Vice President of Frost & Sullivan.

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