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describe the image Profound, from, is one of the largest and most trusted corporate market intelligence providers on the web. Subscription to the service includes access to a wide variety of market research reports from multiple verticals and the ability to slice and dice reports as needed.  Here are the top 10 frequently asked questions about Profound.  

1.      What categories do Profound research reports cover?

Subscription to the service gives clients access to a constantly updated collection of more than 725,000 leading-edge market research reports from 203 of the top publishers in the world. Reports span 700 industry segments, from Life Sciences, to Energy, to the Food & Beverage industries. Companies from all over the world come to Profound to gain expert insight on market dynamics in key growth industries, thereby sharpening their competitive edge.  

2.       What is the Profound advantage?

Profound’s most unique characteristic is its buy-by-the-slice functionality, which gives subscribers the option to purchase either full-length reports or specific sections – charts, graphs, or chapters – at a fraction of the cost of a full report.

The service utlizes a state-of-the-art search engine, which ensures a straightforward search process and superior accuracy.

Another of Profound’s far-reaching benefits is its exceptional customer service. In-house support staff are on hand to complement the optimized search process and help customers along the way, guaranteeing a fast, pleasant, and hassle-free user experience.

3.       Is Profound the right solution for my company?

Yes - professionals across numerous verticals can expect to find the research they are specifically looking for. With a collection that exceeds 725,000 research reports and spans 700 industry segments - ranging from Life Sciences and Heavy Industry to Consumer Goods and Technology - Profound is guaranteed to suit the specific needs of a wide variety of companies. Reports cover both major and niche sectors, including global, regional and country specific markets.

4.       What are the financial benefits of Profound?

Profound tailors its products to its customers’ specific needs and budgets. It is the only market intelligence provider that enables subscribers to purchase specific sections of a report, be it a graph, a chart, a table, or even a specific chapter. This unique option to buy quality research “a la carte” is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing full-length reports, as you can purchase nuggets of information and analysis at the fraction of the cost of a full report.

5.       What are the terms of a subscription to Profound?

Profound operates on a commitment basis. A subscription to Profound provides unlimited access to the most comprehensive database of market research reports purchasable either in full-length or “a la carte”, depending on each client’s specific needs. It offers flexible payment options for all budgets and circumstances, and the support staff are here to assess each customer’s specific needs to help them find the best payment option for them.

6.       Is the service easy to navigate?

Profound’s superior search tool, in combination with high-quality search assistance, ensures a fast, simple, and highly effective search process.

Profound’s sophisticated search engine is designed to suit both desktop users and expert searchers, catering to customers’ varying degrees of experience. Its highly-effective search technology enables users to find targeted search results in no time and hassle-free.      

Yet Profound also understands that there can be situations in which clients might appreciate assistance along the way.

7.       What if I have specific questions regarding the data?

Profound works as the direct link between customers and publishers. If questions arise regarding the methods used to retrieve data or the clarity of a specific report, Profound ensures effective communication between the clients and the publishers in order to avoid any confusion or ambiguity.

8.       Who within my business could use Profound?

Each and every part of a business would benefit from using Profound. Making it possible for subscribers to give specific levels of access to all their users, the service will meet any requirement.

9.       Does Profound help me stay in the know?

Profound’s extensive collection is constantly updated with new market research. In order to help its clients stay ahead of their competition, Profound uses a system of “alerts” whereby users receive notifications each time a new report is made available in their field. It also sends its customers quarterly updates to ensure they are aware of new publishers coming into Profound.

10.   Is Profound a good investment for me?

Profound allows companies from all over the world to stay ahead of their competition. Whether they’re looking for new product trends or in-depth analyses of specific markets, professionals across disciplines are guaranteed to expand their knowledge with cutting edge reports from leading research experts. Gaining a wider and wiser outlook regarding market dynamics in key growth industries undeniably gives companies a leg up in the market.

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