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Overweight Cats and Dogs: A Heavy Burden for Pet Owners

We have a strange fascination with fat cats — not the wealthy members of the modern aristocracy, but rather plus-sized felines who flaunt their curves in roly poly reverie in pictures and online videos. Youtube is littered with hundreds of thousands of videos of overweight pets, including a video of the world’s fattest cats that has over 31 million views. That’s more views than most videos of the president, and approaches Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift levels of ogling devotion.

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The Glorious Graying of American Consumers Circa 2020

Go ahead Baby Boomers, make my decade. In fact make everyone’s decade. No really, we need you to. We’re counting on it because frankly our retail infrastructure may not survive without you. Yeah, yeah, Millennials are the future and Generation Xers are doing their part to build on the foundations paved by previous generations, but you Boomers still have the economic Midas Touch. Looking ahead even four years into the future, it’s evident that as go Boomers so goes America.

Travel with me if you will to the year 2020 — no DeLorean time machine necessary (my apologies to Marty McFly and Doc Brown). A sliver of clairvoyant market research courtesy of Packaged Facts’ American Consumers in 2020 is all we need for the journey.  

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Baby Boomers and Millennials: Two Sides of the Same Consumer Coin

Much ado has been made over the differences in the mindsets of Baby Boomers and Millennials. In regard to their habits as retail consumers, the adults of the Millennial generation have often been painted as volatile, demanding, brand schizophrenic, overly obsessed with online shopping, and disproportionately swayed by word-of-mouth and peer product reviews. To many, Millennials are a retailer’s worst nightmare: a legion of boogeymen destined to discombobulate the delicate balance of the consumer-retailer relationship dynamic that has thrived in the half century since Baby Boomers first reached the pinnacle of their market-shaping powers.

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Marketing to Latin Americans through Social Media Is Profitable

There's a common perception that Latino Americans are the next generation of great U.S. consumers. That notion, however, isn't entirely true and marketers who cling to this "consumers of tomorrow" mindset will surely miss out on developing important connections within the influential Latino market today. Though marketing to Latinos is a minefield of complexities--including sensitivities surrounding the use of labels such as Hispanic etc., it's clear that one of the most effective ways to reach Latino consumers is through social media. 

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Media Acculturation Is Changing the Latin American Consumer Profile

With virtually unrivaled buying power and an ever-growing presence in the U.S. economy, Latin Americans have been a formidable consumer segment for years. The financial services industry, in particular, has benefited from the Hispanic population as Latino consumers have been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dreary picture for issuers of credit cards. Level of acculturation is one of the biggest factors determining use of financial services by Latino Americans.

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Unmarried Minority Moms Display Intriguing Retail Shopping Potential

For an increasing number of American women, marriage in the 21st century exists as more of a "capstone" rather than a "cornerstone". In essence, marriage has become something women do after they've accomplished their educational, professional, and financial goals, instead of serving as the foundation for their foray into full-fledged adulthood as was often the case with women in generations past.

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Minority Males Emerge As Influential U.S. Retail Trendsetters

"The African American male is the most imitated person on earth." Such is the infamous assertion of comedian and social critic Paul Mooney. You'll have to pardon Paul's hyperbole, but there's always a grain of truth in the best observational humor, and indeed African American males have been long regarded as trendsetters in the consumer retail sector.

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Why Senior Citizens Are Pivotal to Ethnic Consumer Spending

Children have long held sway in regards to purchases made by the average American household--especially in regards to food and beverage products. Recent years, however, have seen moms' purchasing decisions increasingly influenced more by the internet and social media and less by the mouths of babes. According to market research publisher Packaged Facts, U.S. moms and the $200 billion they spend annually on food alone for their households are now so tuned into blogs and mobile apps when making purchasing decisions that marketers have had to significantly change how they engage moms as shoppers.

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Minority Market Study Shows Consumer Optimism Despite Tough Economy

America is nothing if not a nation of resiliency. Our economy's dynamic convalescence during and after the recession has added to America's long, storied history of triumph amidst adversity. Consumer market studies echo that sentiment. 

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Summer Movies: Marketing to Ethnic Audiences

You know the summer movie season has arrived when half the commercials on television feature costumed adventurers, speeding muscle cars, computer-enhanced animal characters that are voiced by celebrities, or a combination of all three.

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