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Consumer Wellness Concerns Drive Grocery Sales |

Weight management concerns are top of the mind for a substantial portion of today's grocery-aisle cart-pushers -- consumers, that is. Weight control, weight loss, and obesity are topics that rank among the most urgent health-related drivers: as reported in Packaged Facts’ report, "Weight Management Trends in the U.S.", two out of five adults, representing 88 million consumers, are currently watching their diet to either lose or avoid gaining weight.

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The Global Reach of Mobile Health Technology |

If you are involved in the healthcare IT market, you might be familiar with the term eHealth, meaning digital medical records and systems. Are you and your company ready for mHealth?  In brief, mHealth refers to mobile health, the practice of medical health aided by mobile devices.  It is part of the expanding universe of the healthcare IT market and eHealth systems and applications, and is gaining traction in developing nations and in Western countries including the United States.  By one estimate, the market for mobile healthcare applications will be worth $26 billion by 2017.

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Will Gelato Be Summer's Hottest Frozen Dessert? |


It looks like gelato will be one of summer 2013’s hottest frozen dessert trends. Why? It possesses so many of the attributes that today’s consumers are seeking from foods and beverages. With years of trend tracking, along with reviews of lots of consumer research, I do believe the time is finally right for gelato in the United States.

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How Healthcare IT Is Reshaping U.S. Medical Care |

A few years ago, upon entering a hospital emergency room, you would likely be asked about your symptoms by a triage nurse holding a clipboard.  Today, it's just as common for the nurse to wield an iPad and add notes from your conversation that can later be accessed by several members of the hospital staff. This upgrade in healthcare technology saves the emergency room physician from undertaking a second detailed work-up on your condition. 

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Consumers Attitudes Shift on Debit, Credit Cards|


According to market research, the downturn in the American economy that began in 2008 has led consumers to alter spending and saving habits nationwide. Nowhere is this more evident than in the credit sector. Recent data from the Federal government and analysis by the business intelligence and consumer insights firm Packaged Facts indicate that Americans across the income spectrum are more cognizant of the pitfalls of carrying too much credit and of having poor credit ratings.

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Are Your Kids the Food Deciders in Your Home? |

In recent years, growing numbers of Americans have expressed a desire to practice healthy eating habits,  according to news and market research reports. Yet somewhat paradoxically, more households are also turning over at least some of the food purchase decisions to a population demographic not known historically for exercising great judgement: Children and teenagers.

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Disney's Kiddie Focus Groups |

Like most consumers of American-made entertainment, we do enjoy a rousing cinematic story of love, enchantment and discovery, especially if it features a plucky heroine who triumphs over cold-hearted villains.

The Walt Disney Company, of course, has perfected that story-telling formula over its long, illustrious history.  In recent years, along with the brain power within its stable of top-notch writers and editors, it seems that the company has also employed a thoroughly modern strategy for test-driving new characters and concepts before they hit screens or toy store shelves: kid-centric focus groups.

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Small Dogs vs. Big Dogs? Pet Owners Choose Small |

There was a time not very long ago when owning a Supersized product was a sign of prosperity in this country. It was virtually our birthright as Americans to eat Supersized fast food meals, drive oversized gas-guzzling cars, and park them in the driveways of our castle-sized mini-mansions. 

For the pet industry, even our canine companions were larger during this grand, pre-recession era (circa 2008), where affluence abounded, at least for some.  Back then, our dogs were beasts worthy of legend. Owning a large dog was often a statement, especially for men. It screamed, I’m Paul Bunyan and this here is Babe the Blue Ox. These big dogs were our best friends and our protectors.

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To Yogurt Lovers, It's All Greek |

Ten years ago, few American consumers were familiar with the brand name Chobani.  Now, thanks to that brand of Greek yogurt and a handful of others, the yogurt market has undergone a sea change. Call it a Greek yogurt counter-revolution, one which has yanked this particular food industry category back to the future.

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Meet Leader Rob Granader |


The business of providing business intelligence is changing by the second.  The rise of Internet research tools during the past decade has made it seemingly "easier" for companies and individuals to learn arcane details about nearly every aspect of life, including industries across the globe.

Yet for Rob Granader, CEO of and Profound, emerging challenges usually are accompanied by opportunities: Staying focused on providing high-quality market intelligence on a wide range of industries is Rob's top priority.