8 Edtech Startups to Watch

edtech startups.jpgNew education technology companies have entered the market and are attracting millions of dollars in funding from venture capitalists. In different ways, these companies are working to provide innovative solutions to on-going problems in education.

To learn more, check out the eight education tech companies listed below. The startups highlighted in this article are less than seven years old and have all been profiled in the Ed Tech Startup Dashboard Q3 2015 by Simba Information, a leading provider of market research and analysis.

1. Beeline Reader uses color gradients to make reading on screen faster and easier. The literacy tool is designed to help readers of all ages and skill levels, including those with dyslexia, ADD, and vision difficulties. Beeline Reader launched in 2014 and won an entrepreneurship award from Stanford University.

2. Civitas Learning helps colleges and universities to make data-informed decisions with its cloud-based predictive analytics platform. Through its use of data science, Civitas Learning can help leaders in higher education increase student retention and engagement.

3. Coursera is an education platform that offers free online classes from more than 140 top universities and educational organizations such as Stanford, Yale, and Princeton. Founded in 2012, Coursera serves 16 million online learners and plans to expand worldwide.

4. Education Modified delivers research-based teaching tools that support students with special needs. Its online platform includes content and data analytics to improve outcomes and help teachers learn strategies to become more effective in the classroom.

5. i4Class provides a web-based software tool that gives students personalized content and instant feedback on their work as they complete assignments. With this platform, students can learn as they go and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

6. Mathspace claims to be the “world’s smartest math app.” Its digital workbook allows students to work through problems step by step and receive feedback along with hints and videos to get unstuck. Mathspace’s adaptive technology automatically selects the most appropriate questions for students.

7. With a team of film producers, game developers, teachers, and research scientists, Planet3 is developing interactive 3D experiences and game-based tools that will create exploration-based learning experiences for middle school students. Planet3 plans to target science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) subjects.

8. Real Time Cases is on a mission to provide experiential learning opportunities to help college students transition into a professional work environment. This tech startup gives students the chance to learn about real-time business problems and get assignments from C-level management at companies like Uber, WeddingWire, and KIND Snacks.

In addition to these eight companies, the Ed Tech Startup Dashboard Q3 2015 also profiles Mobiliya and MirrorBooks. The 32-page report provides up-to-date information about investment activity, funding levels, and new product launches within the education technology market. The report also describes a number of incubator and accelerator programs, including:

  • LearnLaunch
  • Intel Education Accelerator
  • 1440 Accelerator
  • BoomStartup

The exclusive research in this report was compiled by Simba Information through in-depth interviews with key executives at education technology companies.

To learn more, check out the report.

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