5 Emerging Food Trends from Around the World

food trends.jpgPackaged Facts, a leading consumer research firm, just released a new report 2017 Forecast: Culinary Trend Tracking Series. It takes an in-depth look into little-known food trends that are expected to take off in 2017.

Here are five international foods featured in the report that are on “the edge of the culinary world.” These trendy foods have not yet become mainstream items, but are poised for rapid growth.

1. Nordic Skyr

Made from skim milk that’s thickened and strained, Norwegian and Icelandic skyr is a regional style of yogurt with high protein and calcium, zero fat, and minimal amounts of sugar. With roots in Viking history and Scandinavian food culture, the creamy yogurt is gaining new recognition among a global audience.

Siggi’s Skyr is one fast-growing brand, with 120 percent growth from 2014 to 2015, according to Nielsen. Nordic skyr isn’t limited to the grocery aisle — it has also been spotted on a variety of menus, from New York City to Austin to Denver.   

2. Czech Kolaches

Artisan baked goods allow U.S. consumers to embrace timeless traditions with a modern American twist. Czech kolaches are no exception. 

Czech kolaches are made with sweet yeasted dough and a delectable filling. These pastry rolls are proliferating in Texas and the Midwest. The Kolache Factory offers several variations, and now has nearly 60 company and franchise stores.

3. Cassava Root

A cornerstone of South American cuisines, the cassava root is a starchy nutrient-rich root that is high in carbohydrates. Cassava is a popular wheat flour alternative that appeals to foodies following vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, and gluten-free diets.

Cassava can be found in tortillas, pizza crusts, chips, cheese rolls, crackers, cakes, cookies, and more. It’s also popular in Brazilian cafes.

4. Pandan

Pandan is a perennial grass found in Southeast Asia that’s used to flavor rice, stews, sweets, and cocktails. With a bright, sweet fragrance and mild alluring flavor, pandan is gaining traction in the U.S. thanks to Indonesian, Malaysian, and Singaporean food entrepreneurs and chefs.

One mouth-watering example comes from Azalina Eusope, named one of the “10 Top Upcoming Chefs” by Bon Appétit magazine. She infuses the vanilla grassy flavor from pandan leaves into a coconut spread.

5. Purple Ube

Dubbed “the hottest new food on Instagram” by Business Insider, the purple ube is a sweet yam common in the Philippines that turns the food it flavors into stunning shades of lilac and violet. This versatile ingredient is used in desserts, ice cream, and a variety of baked goods.

Discover Many Other Growing Food Trends

Check out 2017 Forecast: Culinary Trend Tracking Series to learn about the newest culinary trends that will spark consumer interests in 2017. The report covers six categories:

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Packed with data, menu examples, current products, and photos, this report provides useful insights to generate business growth. 

Check out 2017 Forecast: Culinary Trend Tracking Series

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