Weekly Wrap-Up: September 7, 2018

market research blogsCheck out the latest blog posts from MarketResearch.com's publishers, including an article from our CEO and Founder Robert Granader.

MarketResearch.com’s Shifting Role: From Aggregator to Aribter

In this post, Robert Granader addresses key issues to help consumers of research understand the current playing field and what the future may hold.

Theranos Finally Bleeds Out

Once worth $9 billion, the blood-testing company Theranos is now dissolving thanks to fraudulent claims. In total, Theranos owes $60 million to creditors.

Digital Media Captures 56.6% of PreK-12 Instructional Materials in 2017

The inexorable pull of digital continues to eat into the print base, and the old way of doing business has given way.

Anglers vs. Hunters: Who Is More Interested in Feeding Wild Birds?

The hunting and fishing channel could become useful for marketers of wild bird products. As Packaged Facts reports, both hunters and anglers are more likely than average to also feed birds.

Tariff Tracker: New NAFTA Preliminary Deal Does Little to Quell Auto Maker Uncertainty

A preliminary trade deal negotiated between the US and Mexico is dead in the water without buy-in from Canada.

3 Keys to Understanding Trade Data & Its Applications

With so much information flying around about trade and tariffs lately, it’s easy to get lost among the data points. For more clarity, check out these 3 keys to finding and using trade data.

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