Weekly Wrap-Up: August 3, 2018

market research blogThis week, industry analysts covered news items and research related to the pet industry, clinical chemistry, electric vehicles, tariffs, pressure sensitive tapes, and smart farming. Scan the headlines below to learn more.

Oral Care and Wellness Go Hand in Paw in Pet Market

Oral care is part of most people’s daily routine, and now veterinarians, pet product retailers, oral care marketers, and even mainstream media outlets are trying to make it part of a pet’s as well. 

20+ Things We’re Excited About Seeing at AACC 2018

Kalorama Information shared a preview of announced developments at the upcoming American Association for Clinical Chemistry meeting in Chicago, which started July 29th.

Holy Smokes! Incidents of Electric Vehicle Fires

What’s causing fires in electric vehicles, and how can they be stopped?

Pressure Sensitive Tape: Stuck to Progress

Check out the evolution of pressure sensitive tape, from its origins as a novel invention to the present day, where it plays an important role in everything from high-tech manufacturing to common household repairs.

Tariff Tracker: From Basic Luxury Goods, Proposed Tariffs to Impact Low-Income Households Most

Chinese consumer products are widely sold at mass merchandise and discount retail outlets, where margins are tight and additional costs are likely to be passed along to low-income consumers.

Smart Farming: The Future of Agriculture Technology

In the coming years, precision agriculture is expected to have a massive impact on the industry, revolutionizing agriculture technology and farming practices.

6 Tips for Understanding Your Customer and Your Business Competition

Here's how to get to know your customers and competitors more deeply in order to differentiate your products and services and drive business growth.

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