Infographic: In Vitro Diagnostics Market Trends

In vitro diagnostics.jpegThe in vitro diagnostics (IVD) instruments, kits, reagents, and related supplies market is projected to grow to $74 billion by 2022.

Diagnostics providers are actively expanding into markets in developing countries, where there is a rising demand for quality healthcare services. However, stable in vitro diagnostics market growth is also expected in developed countries.

A number of key trends are fueling global in vitro diagnostics market growth:

  • Demand for expensive personalized tests
  • Multi-billion dollar lab & hospital product gains
  • IVD companies expanding into developing markets
  • Aging worldwide population
  • Big IT companies transforming crude test results into actionable medical information
  • Link between genes and disease risk leading to ongoing product development
  • The need for cost-effective treatment alternatives
  • Informed consumer lobby

IVD Market infographic.png

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