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Macroeconomic Forecasting During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since March, forecasters have become more and more downbeat about economic prospects for 2020, and many estimates of real GDP growth have been revised downward, including the OECD’s Economic Outlook released in June.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Millennials and Gen Z Consumers

Millennials and Generation Z are a key consumer segment — they accounted for a combined 46% of the global population in 2019, according to survey data cited in a recent podcast by Euromonitor International titled “Millennials and Generation Z in the Age of Coronavirus.”

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Weekly Wrap-Up: June 26, 2020

Our market research analysts bring you new data on a broad range of industries, from pools & spas to cannabis to tiny homes and more. See our latest headlines below.

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The U.S. Advertising Industry in the Era of COVID-19

The U.S. advertising industry experienced steady growth throughout almost the entire decade 2009 through 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to bring about a steep, sudden drop in revenues.

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2020 Diet Trends & U.S. Consumer Data on Weight Loss

Nearly 72% of U.S. adults are overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

But what percentage of overweight or obese adults are actively dieting? And what are the motivations driving this behavior? Do age groups differ in their dietary concerns?

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Weekly Wrap-Up: June 19, 2020

Each week, we list out the free resources that have become available including blog posts, press releases, white papers, and media mentions. Read the latest headlines to learn new market data and insights from our publishers.

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The Soaring Demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) During COVID-19

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, a wide array of healthcare organizations, businesses, and consumers have scrambled to obtain items they once took for granted or had little need for: personal protective equipment (PPE), including disposable masks, face shields, and medical gloves.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: June 12, 2020's partners and publishing divisions continue to release insightful market intelligence on a wide array of industries, and this week is no exception.

See the latest headlines on the markets for pallets, smart kitchens, face shields, pet food, and more.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: June 5, 2020

Catch up the latest market research from our blogs and news releases, as well as the data getting cited by industry publications.

This week, we cover the markets for power tools, weight loss, respiratory masks, motorcycles, lighting, pets, countertops, and much more.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: May 29, 2020

See the latest blog posts, press releases, and media mentions from The Freedonia Group, Packaged Facts, and Simba Information — covering everything from pet tech and cell-based meat to power tools and modular housing.

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