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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Market to Reach $258.6 Billion by 2027

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are active ingredients or substances that produce a positive health effect on the patient to cure a specific condition or disease. Some medications, like combination therapy, contain several APIs that may work differently or address various symptoms. Hence, APIs are of great importance in both pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries for drug and therapeutics manufacturing.

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Global Biopharmaceutical Market to Grow to Over $600 Billion by 2028

The biopharmaceutical sector is one of the most innovative industries in the world that has contributed significantly to developing novel drugs and vaccines for the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of various diseases and disorders, such as cancer, neurological diseases, and metabolic disorders.

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U.S. Flexographic Printing Market to Grow at a 2.73% CAGR

The flexographic printing market is expected to reach USD 3,077.3 million by 2027, according to the market research report United States Flexographic Printing Market (2022-2027) by Mordor Intelligence.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Pushed Preventive Vaccine Market Value Toward $100 Billion

Preventive vaccines are administered to a person who is not affected by a targeted infection to induce the production of antibodies and strengthen the immune response to protect the person from future infections.

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Graphite Electrode Market Expected to Reach Over $12 Billion by 2028

The global graphite electrode market is projected to reach over USD 12 billion by 2028, according to a recent research report by Mordor Intelligence. Graphite electrodes are widely used in electric arc furnaces and melting furnaces in steel mills, silicon plants, and other factories.

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4 Key Trends to Watch in the Global Pet Food Market

The global pet food market is projected to reach USD 153.8 billion in 2027, according to a recent report published by Mordor Intelligence.

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$76 Billion In-Vitro Diagnostic Market Fueled by Growing Demand

In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests are performed on human bodily tissues or blood samples to detect diseases or disorders, or to monitor a person’s overall health to treat, prevent, or cure diseases.

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Robust Growth Predicted for Global Protein Supplements Market

The global protein supplements market is projected to reach USD 37.19 billion in 2027, according to a recent report published by Mordor Intelligence titled Protein Supplements Market.

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