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The Top 10 FAQs About Profound | MarketResearch.com

Profound, from MarketResearch.com, is one of the largest and most trusted corporate market intelligence providers on the web. Subscription to the service includes access to a wide variety of market research reports from multiple verticals and the ability to slice and dice reports as needed.  Here are the top 10 frequently asked questions about Profound.  

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The Profound Advantage: Research Tailored To Your Needs | MarketResearch.com

In today’s market, “one size fits all” has become an obsolete concept -- customization is the way to go.  Consider for example the innovation of Apple's iTunes store: It allows you to purchase just a single song, rather than being required to buy the entire album. Similarly, from giving consumers the ability to tailor their preferred design features on the latest model of a Toyota car to purchasing only their favorite pair of Converse tennis shoes, most companies  now recognize that they must offer their customers the option to purchase products that are precisely tailored to meet the customer's needs and preferences.

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