5 Ways Your MarketResearch.com Account Manager Can Support Your Central Library

5 Ways Your MarketResearch.com Account Manager Can Support Your Central LibraryFor many organizations, central libraries are instrumental in maintaining control of the acquisition and dissemination of information. These libraries are usually staffed by one or more experts in library management who are savvy searchers and experienced purchasers.
So, you may wonder what it is that an account manager can do to support a central library. Below are five ways that an account manager can help.

1. Open Document Review

When identifying relevant reports, one of the biggest frustrations that many librarians run into is finding what looks like the perfect report, but not being sure that it has the specific information their end user has requested. As account managers, we can open reports that are hosted on our website to go over very specific questions about the nature of the report content so there is no longer any guesswork in choosing a report.

2. Procedural Support

Each company defines its own rules for how the information acquisition process is supposed to work. Despite this, end users from many companies will go outside the process either because they are not aware of the rules or they just don’t think they apply.

As an account manager, I can make sure that anyone contacting MarketResearch.com is following the proper procedures for pursuing syndicated research reports. Sometimes, this just means I will carbon copy the library on all communications with the end user, and, sometimes, it means that I am an integral part of a formalized requisition process.

3. License Management

If an end user decides to purchase a report without the assistance of the library, then the company runs the risk of purchasing the same information multiple times. Account managers are able to compare requests with what has been purchased in the past to make sure no duplication happens.

In addition, if someone purchases a single user license from the website without any assistance, we will contact the central library and see if they want to expand the license immediately so that it covers other users who may also want the report.

4. Publisher Feedback

While many librarians have dealt with quite a few publishers, end users will always find a new publisher that has a report that looks perfect. Because we deal with more than 400 publishers and have many companies we work with, our account managers are often able to give insights on any of the publishers we carry and even many we do not.

5. Speed and Efficiency

Just because a librarian can do something does not mean he or she has the time to do everything being requested. In the age of shrinking budgets and departmental cutbacks, everyone has to make do with fewer resources, and this often means that more time has to be taken to get fewer things done. Because your account manager has a specialty and is familiar with your organization and what you do, you can rely on them to handle searches and work with publishers to get the results you want.

In the end, the primary function of the account manager at MarketResearch.com is to act as an extension of the central library. The services listed above are just some of the options for how we can help to support your library and your company. It is entirely up to you to choose which services match your needs the best.

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