5 Top Trends to Watch at AACC 2017

The American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) is about to host its 69th Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, which will take place from July 31 through August 4.

According to the AACC website, the expo showcases a variety of cutting-edge technology with more than 200 new product introductions each year. With so much happening in the field, what should attendees expect to see?

In a new video, Bruce Carlson, Publisher of Kalorama Information, discusses what top trends he will be looking for at the AACC meeting. Watch the video below or read our quick synopsis to learn more.



1. Direct-to-Consumer Testing

Carlson predicts that this AACC expo will be much different from the previous one.

“Last year could be described as the Theranos meeting — that company and the controversy dominated the meeting,” Carlson explains. “This year, there’s more opportunity for companies to make announcements, launch new products, and get maximum publicity advantage. You could call it the post-Theranos AACC.”

Even though Theranos won’t capture every headline this time around, Kalorama Information will still be keeping a close watch on direct-to-consumer testing: what kind of offerings companies are making, how they are approaching the idea of DTC testing, and how they are fitting it into their business plans.

2. Expansion of Menus

In addition to DTC testing, Kalorama Information will continue to look at the expansion of menus.

“We’ve seen many tests migrate from specific analyzers to the core lab, and that has a deep impact on the market for these products,” Carlson says.

3. New Assays and Biomarker Discovery

Conversely, Kalorama Information will also track which new tests are being launched on their own analyzers or within other systems, with a particular emphasis on new tests in infectious disease or molecular point of care.

4. Lab Automation

Automation is another key area of interest. “Automation has always been so important for the core lab and clinical chemistry — it’s essential for those areas — but we’ve noticed a migration over to other areas such as microbiology or infectious disease testing,” Carlson explains.

Kalorama Information will analyze this trend and see how much this secondary wave of automation is occurring, and if it’s had an affect on company revenues.

5. Liquid Biopsy

The final trend Carlson highlights is liquid biopsy, a market that has exhibited solid growth. At this year’s AACC meeting, Kalorama Information will pay particular attention to what is available in non-invasive cancer testing.

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