The Growing Metaverse Market: A Quick Overview

Metaverse is one of the trending technologies potentially transforming the next version of the internet and digital platforms.

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The Rise of Electric Vehicles and Their Impact on the Future of Automotive Lubricants

The ongoing shift of the automotive industry from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) has led to various changes in related industries, such as the automotive oil and lubricants industry.

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Top 4 Trends in the Global Wearable ECG Monitors Market

The fast-growing global wearable electrocardiogram (ECG) devices market offers exciting growth opportunities for competitors.

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U.S. Funeral Home Revenues Grow the Most in 20 Years in 2020

The $20 billion U.S. funeral homes industry is a mature, low-growth and fragmented business comprised of mostly independent services.

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6 Key Benefits of 3D Printing That Will Drive Wider Adoption Among Businesses

Despite major spikes of usage of 3D printing in industrial manufacturing and the enterprise arena, it has historically lagged behind traditional manufacturing processes in some aspects.

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Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Explained

Simply put, Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies are “mined” by fast computers (or servers) that run algorithms 24/7.

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Key Insights from the Latest Sustainability Market Research Reports

Environmental sustainability is a major trend impacting a broad range of industries, and many different market research publishers have released new reports covering this topic from every angle.

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U.S. Beverage Market Overview: Key Categories to Watch

A new report titled The Multiple Beverage Marketplaces in the U.S. by the Beverage Marketing Corporation provides a bird's eye view of the U.S. beverage market, including a detailed cross-category comparison. Learn how key beverage categories have performed recently in the brief excerpt below.

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Market Worth $1.725 Billion, and Growing Fast

The market for K-12 instructional materials in social-emotional learning (SEL) is relatively small—an estimated $1.725 billion for the 2021-2022 school year—but represents one of the fastest-growing areas within the K-12 space due to a combination of factors.

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Labor Shortages and the Impact on the U.S. Economy

In the U.S., the ongoing labor shortage is having far-reaching effects, from intensifying inflation and supply chain disruption, to extending wait times for online orders and home renovation projects, according to Peter Kusnic, Research Analyst at The Freedonia Group.

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