The Global Off-Highway Equipment Market: 4 Key Growth Industries

construction industry growthThe off-highway equipment market – which includes machinery used primarily off-road in construction, mining, forestry, and agricultural applications, among others – has struggled in recent years, restrained by challenging worldwide economic conditions and fluctuations in pricing and material costs. 

However, according to an ebook from The Freedonia Group, this market is expected to rebound through 2021, supported by growth in a few key global industries.

Forestry Equipment

The global forestry equipment market is expected to record solid gains as worldwide wood prices recover. Many key forestry equipment manufacturers – including Blount International, Caterpillar, Deere, and Hitachi – will benefit from investments in modernization, as logging companies upgrade to more expensive, higher performance equipment.  

Construction Machinery

Bolstered by a rapid rise in demand in the Asia/Pacific region, global demand for construction equipment overall is projected to hit $250 billion by 2021. In addition to outsized gains in China, other key countries that will contribute to this accelerated growth include Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia.

Agricultural Equipment

Developing countries will play a key role in driving demand for agricultural equipment through 2021. As their economies and populations expand, the need for agricultural goods (and, in turn, larger and more powerful equipment to harvest and process them) will only increase. Furthermore, industrialized nations – looking to boost crop yields, reduce production costs, and comply with new emissions standards – are expected to spend on new, more efficient machinery.

Mining Equipment

The global mining equipment market – segmented by minerals, metals, and coal – was hit especially hard by mined commodity pricing struggles between 2012 and 2017. Now that these prices are recovering, mine operators may find themselves in a stronger position to make equipment upgrades and other investments. Going forward, global mining companies will likely focus significant capital on the Asia/Pacific region, which will be the top geographic market by demand for mining equipment.

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