Market Research Weekly Wrap-Up: May 12, 2017

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This week, we cover a variety of topics including the markets for frozen food, Christmas decorations, copper mining, oil refineries, virtual anatomy, and much more.

Frozen Foods Follow the Green Giant

Frozen foods have been feeling the heat lately largely due to a shift in consumer preferences to fresh and refrigerated foods. But the industry is fighting back.

Back to the Future: Retro Products and LEDs Light the Way for Christmas Decoration Demand

After slow but steady growth over much of the decade to 2016, the pace of Christmas light demand has quickened as consumers embrace the glow of LEDs.

Amid Structural Challenges, Commercial Printers Find Opportunity in Packaging

The commercial printing industry continues to struggle amid the rise of digital media and digital printing technologies. But demand for eye-catching packaging is delivering opportunity for growth to some within the industry.

US Copper Miners Dig Deeper into a Growing Market

Copper has surpassed gold in the US mining industry, and mining of this pliable, conductive metal is expected to grow at a vigorous pace through 2021 amid upticks in global construction and mining activity.   

AHCA and Retail Clinics: Assessing the Impact

In light of potential repeal or significant revision Affordable Care Act (ACA), the calculus behind the U.S. retail clinics market and industry expansion is reconsidered by Kalorama Information in a recent blog post.

Virtual Anatomy Develops into a Major Tool in Medical Education

Virtual anatomy is emerging as a key application of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology in U.S. healthcare. New products seek to replace cadavers and reduce anatomy department costs.

Global Recruitment Industry Outlook for 2017

Access key data and analysis on the global recruitment industry, including top trends and companies.

The Market Research Analyst Role: An Inside Perspective

Nine thought leaders explain the evolving role of market research analysts in 2017 and beyond.

January's Gasolinazo Impacts Mexican Automotive Aftermarket

At the beginning of 2017, the Mexican government rolled back its subsidy on fuel prices, a move which will have rippling impacts in the automotive aftermarket. 

Barrier Films Trends to Watch in 2017

Barrier films are making inroads in several high-growth markets, fueled by technology advances and consumer preferences. 

Two New Oil Refineries Planned for Texas: The Biggest in 40 Years

Two new major oil refineries in Texas are expected to come online in 2019, supported by an evolving oil market in the region.  

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