Market Research Weekly Wrap-Up: July 7, 2017

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Stay on top of new research and market insights with our blog round-up. This week, we highlight a variety of interesting topics:

  • Pharmaceutical packaging innovation
  • Hot-button issues in the HVAC industry 
  • The evolving U.S. chocolate market
  • New teaching methods and educational resources
  • Pet ownership trends

Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Packaging Market: 3 New Products 

Recent developments in pharmaceutical packaging products help solve problems facing the industry by improving adherence, reducing misuse, and boosting environmental friendliness. 

Mexican HVAC Equipment Imports: A Hot Topic Faces a Cold Reality 

While US manufacturing relocating to Mexico has become a politically charged issue, especially in the HVAC industry, its impact is relatively small.

6 Key Facts About the Chocolate Industry

There's good news for the chocolate industry — sales are expected to rise through 2020 and beyond. Check out the infographic by Packaged Facts to learn more.

What We Learned Talking to District Administrators About Social Studies and Science

Traditional teaching methods may soon become obsolete as digitization ushers in new practices that focus on learning by doing, according to research from the experts at Simba Information. 

City Pet Owners Stand Apart from Their Country Cousins

Where dog and cat owners live — in the city, suburbs, or country — often affects their receptiveness to various pet product marketing strategies.

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